Grimm's Creators Have Another Crazy New Show In The Works

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It's a sad truth that Grimm will be ending this TV season (and will be getting a shortened episode order to boot), but when endings happen there are also often new beginnings. This week, we learned that the Grimm showrunners Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt are already working on a new TV project. The even better news for fans of the Peacock Network? It looks as if they will continue to work with NBC come next season.

This new project won't be a supernatural drama, and actually sounds a little bit like the National Treasure franchise, at least in that there will be a historical mystery fueling the series. The premise will follow a group of grad students who will "uncover a 40-year-old secret," per Deadline. The secret will revolve around a murder and "blood money" if a historical mystery on its own isn't enough to entice you to want to watch.

Awesomely, Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, who also produce on Grimm, are involved in NBC's new untitled project. The two will executive produce alongside Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt. NBC has a few other projects from Hazy Mills (Hayes and Milliner's production company) in the works, so it's unclear if this one will get greenlighted, but we'll keep you updated as it moves forward in the pilot process.

This project doesn't have a title, yet, much less a series order, but I'm really hopeful NBC will opt to keep the Grimm creative team on the network next year. In addition, I can see this being a great primetime lineup fit with Timeless, the NBC time travel drama that also heavily features different time periods in the past. Timeless has sort-of been on the bubble in terms of the numbers, which means right now it looks like a toss-up between whether or not it will get a second season pick-up, although we're nowhere near to the end of the season, yet. But if NBC wants to pivot from a supernatural-oriented Friday night to a historical-oriented lineup, I'm all in. Just a thought, NBC, just a thought.

So far, NBC's new fall shows are doing pretty well. This is Us, especially, has crushed in the ratings and The Good Place and Timeless have put up decent numbers. Even if all of the newbies get renewed, there will be at least one spot in the schedule come spring, thanks to Grimm ending out its run.

Grimm is finally set to return to the schedule on Friday, January 6 along with NBC's long-gestating drama Emerald City which is finally hitting the schedule. If you'd like to see what else is hitting the schedule this winter, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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