The Walking Dead Scene That Was Almost Different, According To Lauren Cohan

Warning: spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead took viewers back to The Hilltop Colony to check in on Maggie and Sasha in "Go Getters," and we discovered that Gregory isn't too pleased with the Alexandrians for their failure to exterminate the Saviors. Luckily, Jesus was on hand to stop Gregory from kicking Maggie and Sasha out of Hilltop. Unluckily for Gregory, however, he rubbed Maggie the wrong way one time too many, and she gave him a solid punch to the face. According to actress Lauren Cohan, the scene was almost very different. She said this about the big Maggie/Gregory confrontation:

And then, what was it like to do? It was really fun! We actually did a lot of different takes where it was more like screaming at him, but I loved the sucker punch, and then just, 'Here's how you address everybody from now on in our home, and this is my name.'

All things considered, Gregory really deserved a punch in the face by the end of "Go Getters." I'm guessing that a lot of fans loved watching the sucker punch as much as Lauren Cohan admitted to EW that she loved filming it. Gregory spent most of the episode trying to boot Sasha and a recovering Maggie out of Hilltop, cowering before Saviors, and calling Maggie names like "honey" and "dear." His theft of Hershel's pocket watch from Glenn's grave finally pushed Maggie past her breaking point and into smacking him in the face.

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Interestingly, although Maggie's punch is a big moment from The Walking Dead comics, it got a heartbreaking twist in the episode. In the comics, Maggie punched Gregory after he made a comment about Negan, then shouted "My name is Maggie Greene!" when he called her "ma'am." In "Go Getters," Maggie sucker punched him after she took back the pocket watch, then told him it was time he started to call her by her name, but not "Maggie Greene." Her name is "Maggie Rhee," and she hasn't forgotten Glenn.

Thanks to the support of Jesus, Maggie is currently poised to take a position of power at Hilltop. Sasha sent Jesus on a secret mission to find The Sanctuary, however, which means that the two Alexandrian women are without their key ally in their new home. We can only hope that the other Hilltop survivors will follow Maggie and Sasha without Jesus around to vouch for them.

Tune in to AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET to see what's next for Maggie and Gregory at The Hilltop. "Go Getters" ended with Maggie seizing a leadership role from the weak-willed Gregory, but she's in an unfortunate position as the Saviors believe her to be dead. It should be interesting to see if Gregory tries to use Maggie's survival in Hilltop as leverage against her. He may not be such a coward that he wouldn't turn her over to the Saviors if she pushed him too far.

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