What Happened To The Walking Dead's Maggie Post-Glenn

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Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead yet.

With its survivor population growing all the time, The Walking Dead wisely doesn't try to fit 75 different scenes into each episode, choosing instead to visit different areas one (or two) at a time. As such, we haven't really gotten to catch back up with Maggie in the aftermath of Glenn's annihilation. Grieving and pregnant, with potential problems happening in her womb, Maggie has been a wild card thus far in Season 7, and "Go Getters" thankfully brought her back to audiences in full force. She's okay, guys, and there's a new fire burning inside her that won't soon be extinguished.

Now, the chances of Maggie actually dying weren't ever all that high (even though actress Lauren Cohen was the subject of that super-creepy "fake death" video that got leaked from the premiere's filming). But it was possible she could lose the baby, giving her a tragedy sandwich to deal with, but she and Sasha made a trek to the Hilltop Colony following the events of the premiere. There, Dr. Carson tells her immediately that her ailments are non-life-threatening, and some of the placenta had gotten detached from the uterine wall, which doesn't need more of a cure than "get in bed, ya big silly." So that side of things has been settled, for now, and we shouldn't have to worry about the lil one having a bad night.

But how is Maggie doing emotionally? Well, that might be a different story. As we saw during "Go Getters," it was decided that Glenn and Abraham would be buried in The Hilltop. Sasha gave Maggie the pocketwatch that Glenn had on him when he was killed, which was the same family heirloom that Maggie's father Hershel had given him many moons ago. This thing is dripping with sentimental value, and Maggie attempts to leave it on Glenn's grave, where it seems like some form of closure is beginning for Maggie.

But a major hurdle rises up in Maggie's path to becoming whole again, and his name is Gregory. I mean, sure, Negan and the Saviors are going to keep making things suck as well, but I'm talking on a daily basis. From his leadership high-horse, Gregory disrespects Maggie in several different ways from calling her pregnancy a "mistake" to forgetting her name to wanting her completely removed from the area. It LOOKS like the worst thing he could have done was try to sell Maggie and Sasha's presence out to Savior Simon, which meant all that sweet aged bourbon got whisked back to the Sanctuary. But no, that would have been a terrible thing to do, but it was more cowardly and pigheaded than anything else.

No, his most callous and unforgivable move came when, by the end of the episode, it was revealed he'd robbed the dead and was in current ownership of Glenn's watch. Maggie's reaction is killer-killer, too, as she walloped Gregory across his face and demands he learn her name "Maggie Rhee," and she won't be taking anymore of that "honey" and "dear" shit. Though she intends to put it back on Glenn's grave, she ends up giving it to Enid, who arrives in the final minutes, further cementing the teenager's spot as the series' version of Comic Sophia.

A solid way to wrap things up for Maggie in this particular episode, showing viewers that she is presently working on a different wavelength than Rick, and there are wheels in motion inside her brain that are planning on a way to again achieve something resembling the fleeing normalcy of Alexandria's best days. She looks happy with Sasha and Enid, and even if this peace is just one more thing that can be stripped away form her, she won't be defeated by it.

With more from Maggie vs. Gregory to come in the future, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. Head to our fall premiere schedule and our midseason debut schedule to see what is coming to the small screen in the future.

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