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While the return of fall television has been a welcome change for fans, it's also a double edged sword. Because if our favorite shows are back every week, it also means that summers shows like Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black couldn't be farther away. Of course, that's never stopped Game fans before, as we continue to theorize and discuss the fantasy series until its eventual airdate. Part of what makes this conversation continue is popular fan theories, which make bold predictions about where the series will continue. One such theory that has been at the foreground is that Sansa Stark was unknowingly pregnant with Ramsay Bolton's child. This would seemingly be the final straw for those who are disheartened with Sansa's constant victimization, but is it true?

The good folks at Watchers on The Wall are reporting that Sansa is not and will not be pregnant in the upcoming Season 7. While this hasn't been confirmed by HBO, the site is usually fairly accurate when it comes to their insider information and predictions. So take a deep breath, and be rest assured that Sansa will likely not be carrying a Bolton baby during her continued journey toward strength and independence. Of course, Game of Thrones actors haven't always been the most trustworthy (I'm looking at you, Kit Harrington) so things aren't exactly set in stone yet.

Sansa's pregnancy has been one of the most discussed Game of Thrones theories since its inception. Ramsay's final scene only added fuel to the fire, as he assured Sansa that he was a part of her now, regardless of his untimely death. It was that one line of dialogue that changed everything, with the theory becoming quickly discussed among the community.

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The actress who plays Sansa herself has even weighed in on the controversy. Sophie Turner addressed the theory a few months ago, claiming she didn't believe Sansa was pregnant. Instead, she believed that Ramsay was indeed within Sansa, as she carried the atrocities she endured every day. Luckily, Sansa isn't a victim anymore, and has instead risen as a cunning player in the Great Game.

If Sansa's pregnancy doesn't end up being a plot line, we have to wonder where the oldest Stark daughter will go in Season 7. The final moments of Season 6 suggested some infighting within the surviving Starks. Even though he's a bastard, Jon Snow has been named the King of the North by Stark supporters, despite Sansa being the rightful heir at this time (although Bran's impending reunion with his family would put him in a better position). Will we see Littlefinger's influence and tutelage of Sansa corrupt her, or will she use her experience to reunite with Arya and Bran and join Dany's growing forces against the Lannisters? We'll just have to wait for the final short seasons of Game of Thrones to find out.

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