Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet seen tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. Mild comic spoilers will also come into it.

At this point in Season 7, The Walking Dead looks almost nothing like it did 3 seasons ago, and not just because of the casting changes, but because of all the new locations audiences have been introduced to in recent weeks. Tonight's "Swear" expanded the live-action universe even further, bringing in another new setting: Oceanside. While the name may have been familiar to comic book fans, the location itself provided a completely different take on things, and it also showed up much earlier than it did in the source material. That said, here's what we know about the location from Robert Kirkman's comics.

Oceanside Is A Friendly Community

While everyone residing within this watery new TV setting had some frightfully murderous intentions for Tara, the Oceanside from The Walking Dead's comic books offered up some much less horrific situations, in as much as not everyone living there was into murdering outsiders. No, when readers first laid eyes on this narrative's first big coastal area, the mood was much more genial, and no one wanted to kill anyone. At least not in an out loud kind of way.

Oceanside became a part of the Walking Dead universe after the time-jump, and if its name didn't already heavily imply it, the ocean's resources are a big reason why it is such a key community. Its inhabitants mainly trade fish and other seafood with Alexandria and the other major areas for just about everything that's needed for life on boats. That's good eating.

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