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Game Of Thrones Actor Peter Vaughan Has Died

peter vaughan master aemon game of thrones

Death comes to Game of Thrones frequently, but it's less common that an actor on the hit HBO drama passes away in real life. Regardless, the long-running series employs a variety of actors of all ages on the show, and some of them have had lengthy careers before signing on with HBO. We've just learned that actor Peter Vaughan has died at the age of 93, after a lengthy acting career that included roles on Game of Thrones and Porridge. And now his watch has ended.

News broke on Tuesday that Peter Vaughan had passed away, surrounded by his family. The statement from his agent Sally Long-Innes does not explain what the actor died from but that he passed away "peacefully." We'll bring you any further details about the actor's death as they are revealed.

Peter Vaughan had an acting career that was a lot longer and storied than many. His first gigs happened way back in the 1950s when Peter Vaughan was already over the ripe old age of thirty, having served in World War II prior to acting. He took many television, film and radio jobs over the years, but his breakthrough TV role came in Porridge, where he played the small but memorable role of prisoner Harry "Grouty" Grout. He also starred in a 1960s version of Oliver Twist and earned a nomination from the British Academy Television Awards for Our Friends in The North, a BBC2 production. He played Wilfred Peep in The 10th Kingdom, and also had guest stints on shows like Full House and Silk. During his long and prolific career he also appeared in movies, including Death at a Funeral.

Peter Vaughan's death comes two years after actor J.J. Murphy died at the age of 86 while still filming Game of Thrones. His role playing Denys Mallister was not recast. Mr. Vaughan was lucky enough to complete his role on Game of Thrones, although Peter Vaughan's role on Game of Thrones was his final acting job

Maester Aemon appeared throughout the first five seasons of the fantasy drama, first playing a major force in the decision-making at Castle Black, despite being blind. He later championed Jon Snow's ascent to Lord Commander before slowly passing away on the wall. His body was cremated in a funeral pyre like other Targaryens before him.

Per the BBC, Peter Vaughan considered himself more of a character actor, and when he landed the role on Game of Thrones at the age of 86, he considered himself very lucky indeed.

I've been so lucky with parts. They talk about actors resting. The only time I have ever rested in my 77 years as an actor has been when I've wanted to. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Not everyone gets to live a life as long and exciting as the one Peter Vaughan did, but it doesn't hurt any less when that life is cut short. Our thoughts go out to Vaughan's family during this tough time, as it's clear the actor touched a lot of people and will be missed.

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