It's known by many that TV is at a point of peak programming, and 2016 offered up many hundreds of different new series for viewers to devote their attention and social media griping to. Every genre was covered, with most subgenres getting attention, and just about every kind of unscripted series also had a freshman debut. While the cream of the crop could have populated a list with 20 or more entries, we had to get serious about whittling it down.

After all the narrative dust had settled, these were the 10 standout series that best represent what 2016 had to offer on the small screen. If you have yet to catch up with anything listed here, fix that before 2017 gets here and brings a different batch of blue ribbon projects.

10. Lethal Weapon

Studios have been hard up for turning movies into TV shows in the past few years, but rather than talk about the flash-in-the-pan failures, it's much more fun to talk about Fox's bomb-in-the-anything reboot of Lethal Weapon. This serialized take on the Richard Donner/Shane Black original is faithful to the general outline of Lethal Weapon's familiar story while not harping on impersonating it, and it's one of the most genuinely fun romps Fox has delivered in years. Lethal Weapon gets extra points for proving the buddy cop action-comedy is not dead, and Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans' chemistry in the face of chaos makes up for the show's more predictable elements.

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