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Who D.J. Ended Up With In Fuller House Season 2

fuller house season 2

Major spoilers ahead for Season 2 of Netflix's Fuller House. If you haven't binged all the way through, you might want to check out one of our other stories.

Netflix has been on top of the nostalgia game lately, with their various TV revivals bringing back their subscribers to a simpler time. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released a few weeks ago, to the joy of fans who had been waiting nearly a decade to find out what happened to the characters. And this weekend the streaming service once again utilized the nostalgia trend when releasing Season 2 of Fuller House in its entirety. This was especially exciting for fans of its first season, as it ended on a pretty big cliffhanger for D.J. During the months between the seasons, fans have been wondering who D.J. was going to end up with: Steve or Matt?

Well, the series actually pulled a fast one on us, and both suitors had new love interests when Fuller House picked up. D.J. eventually did end up with none other than her fellow veterinarian Matt. However, things still don't appear to be cut and dry. Because when Steve proposed to his new lady C.J., the two former loves shared a knowing look with each other. That spark is still there, and the love triangle will presumably continue through the next season.

#TeamSteve members could also take solace in one of the finale scenes of Season 2. At the big New Years Party, D.J. finally revealed who she originally picked at the beginning of the season. She chose Steve, but claimed to be happy for his engagement, as well as her own relationship with Matt. Clearly, both she and Steve have strong feelings for each other, so prepare for more drama and hijinks whenever Fuller House returns.

CinemaBlend actually spoke to Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin a few days ago. Franklin eventually addressed D.J.'s attraction to both Steve and Matt, describing the dichotomy by saying,

Look, I think DJ really cares for Matt and Steve. Matt is her business partner, she sees him every day, they are both veterinarians---they have a lot in common. And I think there's a lot of physical chemistry between them. They are a hot couple. At the same time, there's a lot of pull I think with Steve, as well. We've seen so far that it's not only the nostalgia of their [former] relationship, but there are still sparks left between them.

Well, it certainly appears that Fuller House's love triangle isn't losing one of its corners anytime soon. Because while Matt might be charming and sweet, it seems like D.J. will always have feelings for her first love. And he loves her as much as he loves food, which is saying something.

Fuller House Season 2 is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix.

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