What Gilmore Girls Fans Think About That Crazy Ending

gilmore girls: a year in the life

Warning: major spoilers ahead for the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix.

The four-part revival of Gilmore Girls was one of the most highly-anticipated TV events of 2016. For fans who have been waiting years to see more of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, November 25 was Gilmore Girls Day rather than Black Friday. The episodes brought back an awful lot of the most unforgettable faces from the original run of Gilmore Girls, and the finale delivered on the promise that the last four words would blow the minds of fans everywhere. Indeed, the last episode ended on a cliffhanger as Rory revealed to her mom that she's actually pregnant.

The cliffhanger of Rory's pregnancy was met with a variety of reactions on social media. For some folks, the baby bombshell meant that the cycle of Gilmore ladies in Stars Hollow is destined to continue. For others, it meant a lack of closure and a letdown after all of Lorelai's efforts to give Rory a different life. We scoured the web for some of the most impassioned responses to the Gilmore Girls' finale twist. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a look! Let's start with a good one:

Rory's reveal at the end of the four episodes of the revival felt like a perfect conclusion to some viewers. The pregnancy means that the story of the Gilmore girls isn't truly done, even if we don't get to watch the next chapters with the next generation. There's no saying at this point if we'll get another batch of episodes; still, at least we know that Rory and Lorelai have plenty of family adventures ahead of them. Still, not everyone was happy with the ending...

For other fans, it just wasn't right that they had to wait the better part of a decade for closure, only for the revival to end on a ginormous cliffhanger. The final four words didn't reveal the father of Rory's baby. If Gilmore Girls is done for good after these four episodes, we may never know. And since Daniel and Amy Sherman-Palladino haven't confirmed there will be more episodes, this could be the end.

Of course, there is a third option beyond happiness and anger at the ending. Viewers could always just choose to pretend that the revival ended before those final four words. In that bizarre reality, Rory isn't actually pregnant. The new episodes stand well enough on their own without the cliffhanger, so what's the harm in completely ignoring it if that makes the ending easier to handle?

Fans of the Logan/Rory relationship probably aren't ignoring the last four words. The finale didn't explicitly reveal who is the father of Rory's baby, but all signs point toward Logan as the dad. If we never get any more episodes, Team Logan may be able to claim that they won the day.

Fans of Jess/Rory weren't necessarily deterred by the hints that Rory is having her baby with Logan. The finale never ruled out someone else as the father, and the revival proved that Jess, at least, can still bring the smolder when it comes to Rory. Team Jess may have hit a setback, but they haven't hung on for all these years just to give up over an ambiguous ending. At least they can say that they beat Team Dean. Even fans who were OK with the ending seem hellbent to wait for more:

Now, the waiting game has begun. Will we get a second new season on Netflix, or were the four episodes all that we're ever going to get for closure? Have we seen the last of Stars Hollow forever? Will we never find out what happens next for Lorelai, Rory, and whichever strapping young man has gotten her pregnant? Was this really it?

All in all, one of the sentiments that most Gilmore Girls fans seem to have in common is that the final four words just weren't enough for a series finale. The pregnancy twist was definitely a big cliffhanger. Some viewers loved it, some hated it, and some are pretending that it didn't happen. We'll have to wait and see if we get more from the series. Hopefully we just won't have to wait another nine years.

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