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True crime is a genre which has had a strong comeback in recent years. With podcasts like Serial and documentary series like Making a Murderer telling the tale of real life murder mysteries, audiences have been eager for more stories to follow. HBO's 2015 series The Jinx did just that, as we followed the life and various deaths from millionaire and alleged murderer Robert Durst. The series made major headlines following its finale, which saw Durst seemingly admit his guilt while on a hot mic. Durst was also arrested the day before the finale aired, making the series a pop culture phenomenon.

And now the plot thickens further, as Robert Durst's trial continue to flesh out. It's recently become public (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Durst was apparently on drugs while he filmed his interviews for The Jinx. He's admitted to his prosector that he was high on meth while taping, which may explain his erratic behavior during the finale.

New of Robert Durst's meth use is sure to affect his trial going forward, as he now may finally have an excuse for his incriminating statements while his microphone was still on. As a reminder, you can check out the infamous scene below.

This chilling scene serves as the climax of HBO's documentary series, and surely contributed to his eventual arrest. But with Robert Durst admitting to being on mind altering drugs during filming, perhaps this bit of evidence will no longer be considered valid.

Robert Durst being on meth certainly explains some of his bizarre behavior on The Jinx. The real estate heir was shown engaging in some bizarre physical tics, including unexplained sniffing, strange blinking, and his weird speaking pattern. But with drugs now apparently involved, there is a possible reason as to why he was acting to strangely.

the jinx robert durst

Now we'll have to see if this admission will affect how Robert Durst's trial will continue. One of the major new pieces of evidence was his admission of guilt from The Jinx. But the use of drugs could be used as a defense for his words. If Durst was chemically altered, there is an explanation for his private admission of guilt. Robert Durst has been in hot water with the law quite a few times and has yet to be convicted, so now the trial associated with The Jinx may end up the same way.

The Jinx is still available on HBO on demand, so be sure to check out the fantastic documentary- especially if you love true crime.

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