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HBO Is Airing A Massive Game Of Thrones Marathon, So Merry Christmas

Christmastime means many things to many different people. And, now, thanks to HBO, it just might mean binge watching the hit show Game of Thrones. How's that? Well, HBO has decided to gift all the Game of Thrones fans with a marathon of the show which will take place next week. So, prepare to deck those halls with boughs of, uh, blood, I guess, 'cause there's going to be a lot of that coming your way next week.

The network announced the Game of Thrones marathon today, noting that it will be airing on the HBO2 channel. Beginning at 12 p.m. ET/PT next Monday, December 26, HBO2 will start by playing all ten episodes of Season 1 back to back on the network. This process will repeat each day with subsequent seasons of the hit fantasy series, culminating in the airing of Season 6 on Saturday, December 31.

This is, of course, a perfect time for a Game of Thrones marathon. The days between Christmas and New Year's Day are filled with, well, people not filling their days. A lot of people take time off from work to deal with family obligations, holiday travel or just plain relaxation. And, really, what better way is there to spend your free time than by reliving all the murderous machinations, double crosses, political scheming and naughty, naughty sexy times that Game of Thrones has to offer? I can imagine that a lot of people, after spending time with their families over the holiday, will be in just the right mood for such scandalous entertainment leading up to the New Year.

In case you're already trying to plan your week around this mayhem filled marathon, you should know that watching every episode will use up around 60 hours of your time. Each of the six seasons has had 10 episodes of intrigue for us to enjoy, and you might want to prepare yourself for this major Game of Thrones watch party by taking some time this weekend to fill your home with all the necessary supplies so that you don't find yourself running out of something important in the middle of a binge session, like margarita mix or Christmas cookies.

Aside from this being a great time for a marathon, Game of Thrones is a great show to binge watch. The series is packed to the rafters with interesting characters, dangerous plotting and subtleties. Now that we're all done with Season 6, it's not impossible that many of us have forgotten some of the smaller events that helped to shape the larger plots of the show over seasons past, so this will be a magnificent opportunity to either remember some of those, or catch things you may have missed the first time around.

Adrienne Jones
Adrienne Jones

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