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Not Even Grey's Anatomy's Cast Knows The Show's Biggest Mystery

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While the Holiday Season is an exciting time to be around friends and family, it's not without drawbacks. For hardcore TV viewers, this means the hiatus in between the midseason finale and winter premiers. This break means that fans have a few months to ponder the various cliffhangers and mysteries that the shows left off on, and ABC's long running medical drama Grey's Anatomy is certainly no exception. Season 13 has been chock full of tears and plot twists, with Alex Karev's fate ultimately still up in the air. But there's also another big mystery, and it turns out that not even the cast knows the truth behind it.

Earlier this season we saw Jo Wilson reveal to Alex that she had previously been in an abusive marriage, and that she was still on the run from her legal husband. Jo's name is actually an alias, and the audience still has no idea who she actually is. Well, it turns out that actress Camilla Luddington doesn't know her characters name either. She told EW:

I still don't know her name! I keep waiting for her to say it. If Alex [Justin Chambers] asks, I think he'd be the one person she'd tell, so I wish he did.

Well, it certainly seems like the biggest Grey's Anatomy mystery is going to remain that way for the foreseeable future. Because if Camilla Luddington doesn't even know the true direction of the character she's been playing for the past four seasons, then what little hope do the fans have? About as much as some of the doomed patients of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

The revelation that Jo Wilson wasn't actually Jo Wilson is one of the most shocking plot twists from Grey's Anatomy's recent seasons. Since she's been a main character for so long, the audience felt like we knew it all; from her past with homelessness to her various issues with personal relationships. But alas, she isn't even named Jo and everything is a lie.

Regarding the name change, Camilla Luddington revealed that she's actually quite curious about the name Jo. She's made her own fan theory about the name choice, and it's one that might actually make a great deal of sense. She elaborated,

I'm also super curious as to why she picked 'Jo' for her new name. Was there significance for her? I like to think she grew up reading Little Women and loved Jo March, who is one of my favorite headstrong female characters, and took it from that.

Who doesn't love a literary reference? Certainly not Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, whose various series like Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are usually filled with references to TV, movies, and books.

Grey's Anatomy will return for the second half of Season 13 Thursday, January 19th on ABC.

Corey Chichizola

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