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The Last TV Performance Carrie Fisher Filmed Before Her Death

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This morning, the world was forced to say goodbye to a Hollywood legend, as Carrie Fisher passed away at 60 years old. Fisher's career and life inspired millions, and it's hard to conceive of a future without her appearing in new projects. Thankfully, she will once again reprise the role of Leia Organa for Star Wars: Episode VIII on the big screen, which was already filmed to completion. And fans of her small screen work will be pleased to know that the actress had also filmed what appears to be her final TV performances for one of the medium's funniest shows: Catastrophe.

An extremely frank British sitcom created by American comedian Rob Delaney and U.K. superstar Sharon Horgan, Catastrophe centers on the couple Rob and Sharon, whose attempt at a one night stand turned into the beginning of a family. Carrie Fisher was an early sign-on for the recurring role of Rob's closed-minded mother, Mia, and it easily became one of her best roles, either in film or TV. Last week, Horgan was awesome enough to share with the world that Fisher was indeed reprising her role for the upcoming third season, which was recently ordered up (as well as a fourth) by Channel 4 and Amazon, where the show streams for non-U.K. folks.

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Not only was this message a confirmation that Carrie Fisher would get more time for mentally haranguing Rob and Sharon on Catastrophe, but it also got a Star Wars reference in. The former bit is far more important, obviously. Especially for fans of the show that love Mia's politically incorrect way of criticizing Rob and Sharon's choices. Appearing in two episodes from each of the first two seasons, Fisher definitely cemented her place in this emotionally genuine world. A woman as powerful as that is not someone you'd want to have as your non-compatible mother-in-law, but as Horgan shared in a more somber post today, it's definitely someone you'd want as a friend.

What's more, the production company Merman shared an image of the always amazing comedian David Cross with Carrie Fisher, seemingly confirming Cross' involvement with Season 3 of Catastrophe. Sharon Horgan was Cross' co-star in his awkwardness-oozing IFC comedy The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, so this could be a magical connection if Cross and Fisher get to share scenes together. A perfect swan song, perhaps.

If you haven't caught Catastrophe yet, or just want to relive a great moment from the show, check out Fisher getting foul-mouthed as Mia below.

What we're really hoping is that Carrie Fisher filmed enough scenes so that she can also make it into the fourth season that's planned for a 2018 premiere. I don't know if that would make any feasible sense by way of storytelling or anything, but I know what I want.

While there isn't a specific premiere date set just yet for Catastrophe Season 3, we can expect to find it to hit Amazon (and Channel 4 across the pond) in the second half of 2017. The wait will definitely be worth it, considering we'll get to see Fisher at least one more time. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is coming to your TVs in the near future.

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