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Will And Grace Reportedly Is Coming Back, Here's What We Know

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There's been talk about the potential for a Will & Grace reunion on NBC ever since the cast of the long-running former series briefly reunited for a surprise 10-minute scene related to the election. The stunt proved so popular that there have been rumors the cast might come together for more, but nothing had been confirmed, at least until this weekend when former cast member Leslie Jordan, spoke out about what is happening. Here's what the comedian had to say:

It's back, NBC has ordered... Here's the way it works. They've ordered 10. It'll be for next season, so it'll go in in July. And then they'll add the guest cast. I'll get a phone call. I'm not a regular.

Speaking with KPBS, Leslie Jordan reported that not only has NBC picked up more episodes of Will & Grace, he already seems to know exactly what direction NBC wants to go in with the episodes, at least in terms of longevity. While the network has not come out and said Will & Grace is coming back at this point, Leslie Jordan's comments do seem pretty specific, indicating that he at least knows the basic gist of what is happening, but until NBC confirms the whole deal, we don't know exactly what is going down.

Other cast members related to the series have been fairly positive about a revival, as well. Eric McCormack recently spoke out about how now would actually be a great time for a longer form Will & Grace project. NBC reportedly loved the short-form thing that they put together, and the cast is all in for a return to primetime--which is a very different response than we've gotten from other former NBC series Friends. McCormack's had some free time since Perception ended a couple of years ago, Debra Messing's Mysteries of Laura has also ended, as has Childrens Hospital with Megan Mullally. Sean Hayes is pretty busy as a producer and the rest of the cast has done other TV and movie roles, but nothing as demanding as a primetime network TV workload.

As Leslie Jordan noted, the network has already reached out to the main cast to work out deals, but the stints for the guest stars, including himself, have not been worked out, yet. Jordan played Karen's frenemy Beverley Leslie on the original series, a role which led him to win an Emmy Award in 2006. He was a vital guest star on the series and very memorable, and it would be great if a reboot could work Beverley Leslie back in.

Obviously, we'll let you know as soon as NBC makes a call either way on Will & Grace 2.0. In the meantime, you can take a look at what TV has coming up in 2017 with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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