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Now that 2017 is here, it seems like everything we watch on TV should already hurry up and get back to our eager peepers, but I guess patience is a virtue I should have made a resolution about. In any case, we'll be waiting until January 24 to catch back up with The Flash and its baffling acts of heroism, but at least we know what we can expect to see, thanks to the show's official previews. Check out the trailer for the midseason premiere, "Borrowing Problems From the Future."

I love the way that trailer ends, with the countdown leading into a complete fade-out, rather than something explosive. That's the kind of ominous detail that makes one think that Team Flash might not be so completely successful in its mission to save Iris from being murdered by Savitar. I mean, they'll almost definitely save Iris herself, since she's an integral part of Barry Allen's life, but as the prophecy has it, something will go horribly wrong for someone because of all this. Well, more than just one person.

While Barry's Flashpoint choices held up the first portion of Season 3, it's assumed that his attempt to change the future will guide the remainder of the season, but it looks like the show is trying to gameplan and solve that problem all in the span of a single episode. So that probably means the first side-problem the team causes will lead to a web of other problems that need to be solved as the episodes tick by. Such is The Flash's way. And I'm betting that new villain Plunder will be a factor there.

Of course, the first clip released from the midseason premiere seems to sway the finger of general blame from the titular hero to his up-and-coming speedster sidekick Wally, who continues assuming there aren't any complications that his Kid Flash persona can't solve.

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If I were a betting man (whose niche was tied to predicting how scripted TV series plots turn out), I'd put money on Wally being a much bigger obstacle than ally on the path to success. I like him and all, but he's just too impulsive and it doesn't feel like the writers are eager to change that. They did give him an altered costume, which could be a sign of optimism, but who knows? I can't wait to see what happens next, especially if Tom Fulton gets to play a bigger role in things.

If Barry wasn't so busy watching members of the West family die, only to try and save them in alternate timelines, then he might be able to spend more time being happy. But then this show wouldn't exist, so I guess that wouldn't work either. Drat! Tune into The CW for The Flash's midseason premiere on Tuesday, January 24, at 8:00 p.m. And head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else the small screen has to offer in the near future.

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