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The newest superhero show hitting the airwaves might just be the most original and interesting yet. Legion will be releasing later next month, and everything revealed about the series thus far as pointed to it being, well, pretty bizarre. Dabbling in mutant powers and split personalities, Legion is a show that's difficult to wrap the mind around, and the marketing isn't making it easier to understand. This newly released teaser is basically telling us to go with the flow, as it shows off more of Legion's brand of weirdness. Check it out.

This teaser comes from from the official Legion Twitter account, and it further proves that this won't be your typical superhero show. The teaser shows main character Dan Haller (Dan Stevens) and female lead Syd Barret (Rachel Keller) walking down opposite sides of a pristine white hallway. Wearing almost matching outfits, the two meet each other in the middle, stopping in front of a window overlooking a sunset. The two of them touch, forming a heart with their hands, before an explosion engulfs the screen.

There are a lot of different ways to interpret this, but the main takeaway is that they won't have a typical romance. Based on this teaser, we're led to believe that if Dan and Syd touch, there will be more than just sparks. We know that Dan is a mutant -- maybe the most powerful one ever -- and that the mysterious Syd can't let anyone touch her. Is an explosion what happens when the two of them get together? That seems to be the case.

Legion follows Dan Haller, a young man misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when really he's one of the most powerful telepathic mutants on the planet. The series is from Dan's perspective, and because he has trouble telling what's real and what isn't, so will the audience. The show has a hallucinatory tone and style that keeps people guessing, with a broader conflict laced over it.

The series is a partnership between Fox and Marvel, and apparently takes place within the universe of the X-Men movies, but it's unknown how exactly it connects to the larger film franchise. In the comics, Dan is Charles Xavier's son, but the TV show doesn't necessarily have to go that route. There could potentially be appearances from other characters in the X-Men lore, but the producers have stated that they want Legion to be able to stand on its own before they start drawing in elements from the films. Don't expect that Patrick Stewart cameo anytime soon.

Legion is set to make its debut on Wednesday, February 8, on FX. It's a big wide world of television, check out our midseason TV premiere guide to learn about all the other shows coming back for the rest of the year.

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