One Ridiculous Saturday Night Live Sketch That Never Made it To The Air

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Saturday Night Live vets Jason Sudeikis and Tim Robinson are teaming up for a brand new series on Comedy Central, and prior to its debut, the funnymen spoke about SNL sketches of theirs that never made it to weekend audiences. And Robinson offered up a particularly absurd and hilarious example that will make you consider that pornography has evolved just as much as everything else in modern society. Or is it devolved? Here's Robinson's description of the sketch that never was:

Tim Robinson: Do you remember the one we wrote about the old-timey sailors looking at modern day porno? They were sailors on shore-leave and they were looking at 1940s and '50s porno, and they're like, 'Whoa, look at her! Lookit! Ay-i-i-i.' And then they showed them modern porn, and it was like, 'Ohhh no. Ohhh.'Jason Sudekis (in character): 'He's killing her!'

It isn't the most high-brow of laughs that's expelled from the body after hearing that sketch described, but the laughs are hearty enough anyway. It hearkens back to a time when sailors were perceived to be nothing but horndogs, what with all that female-free time on the high seas, and when porn wasn't very regulated or mass-produced. You take someone from that time period and you show them just about anything in 2017, and their mind is going to be blown, from the Internet to refrigerators that tell you recipes to self-driving cars. But while all of those things will inspire the positive kind of awe, the same cannot necessarily be said for adult entertainment.

I'm not sure why it's funny to picture a bunch of rowdy seamen getting their libidos dashed by the no-holds-barred depravity of modern XXX entries, but it is. Not funny enough to actually make it into an episode of Saturday Night Live, obviously, or we wouldn't be talking about it in this context. But if it got broadened by some other examples of old-timey characters reacting to current society, it would have probably been better than some of the sketches that do get filmed and are cut for time. (And maybe some that are aired.)

Tim Robinson and Jason Sudeikis shared the idea for their never-seen sketch with TV Guide alongside Veep co-star Sam Richardson for the trio's new Comedy Central series Detroiters, in which centers on Robinson and Richardson as two friends making low-budget commercials in Detroit and aspiring to do more. Maybe they'll figure out a way to work horny sailors into that series down the road.

With neither Tim Robinson nor Jason Sudeikis on the cast and crew anymore, Saturday Night Live airs every weekend on NBC. Detroiters, meanwhile, will make its debut on Comedy Central on Tuesday, February 7, at 10:30 p.m. ET. To see what else is coming to the small screen in the near future, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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