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One Boy Meets World And Girl Meets World Actor Who Didn't Get To Say Goodbye

Actors don't always get a chance to reprise the roles that made them famous, but Disney Channel's Girl Meets World was dedicated to bringing back as many Boy Meets World veterans as possible. Just about all the stops were pulled out for last week's Season 3 finale, which ended up becoming the series finale, and it featured the series' biggest dual-show ensemble. But the finale apparently edited out the big goodbye moment for co-star Danny McNulty, better known as Harvey "Harley" Keiner, and the actor was not pleased. McNulty shared a moment from the scene on social media, as seen below.

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Though Girl Meets World's tentatively final episode was a couple of minutes longer than the average installment, a lot of moving parts had to be shown in motion in order to deliver proper closure to the diehard fanbase. The episode technically wasn't meant to be the last word when it was crafted, but the wise writers still set things up without any cliffhangers or major plot threads left hanging, on the off-chance that Disney would indeed pull the plug, which it eventually did after months of indecision. So it's within the realm of understanding that Harvey's goodbye scene would have gotten cut for time in an episode full of last moments.

But that doesn't mean Danny McNulty has to be happy about it or anything. With a later Instagram post, he made it clear just how much the show has meant to him.

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To be fair, he was in the final episode, but he didn't quite get the sendoff he wanted. In fact, even though other characters got more conventional final scenes, I can't imagine anyone was completely pleased with the way things ended, since many were hoping for a longer run from the classic series when it returned.

Girl Meets World fans who are active on social media know that Danny McNulty has been a big part of the online push for Disney to renew the show for Season 4, a movement which then morphed into a plea for any other network or studio to step in and save the family sitcom. Things haven't been so fortunate on that front, sadly, but McNulty is going to keep fighting the good fight, as evidenced by this less harsh post from earlier today, giving thanks to co-stars and the creative team.

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For now, we don't have any new Girl Meets World episodes to look forward to, but there are three seasons still available to relive, which is more than many other shows can brag about. Remember not to bully people, because Harvey said so, and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming to the small screen in the future.

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