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Will Girl Meets World Get Renewed At Another Network? Here's What The Creator Says

After months of speculation, Girl Meets World was officially canceled last week. Now fans are wondering if there's hope for the show to get a reprieve from another network. Well, the show's creator has an answer for you.

There are talks underway, but we're at the very very beginning stages. And I can tell you it's because of the audience's reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places. For anyone in show business, if you ask them why they're doing something and they say they're doing it for themselves, they won't sustain long. Those that answer 'We're doing it for the audience' and mean it, they sustain.

Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs spoke to TVLine about the chances for the show to continue its run on another network or streaming service, now that the Disney Channel has cut it loose. Fans can relax, a little bit, with the knowledge that, apparently, the producers of the show are in talks with other outlets about ways for the show to continue. Of course, Jacobs is also quick to note that these talks are still in the very early stages, so fans of Girl Meets World shouldn't get their hopes up too high; there's always a chance that none of these talks will bring a renewal order to fruition.

However, anyone who's been paying attention to TV in the past few years knows that all is not lost for Girl Meets World. Shows that had been off the air for several years, like Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls, have recently gotten new seasons or revivals from outlets that didn't originally air the show. In the case of each of those series, Netflix stepped in and helped the shows get back on the air. One thing that seems to be very important in getting a show back on the air after cancellation is, as Michael Jacobs mentioned, the fans. Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls each had a dedicated fanbase that made their desire to see more from those shows known over the years they were off the air. And, with Girl Meets World fans putting together petitions and hopeful hashtags to try keeping the show alive when things were starting to look iffy for its renewal chances, it looks like the series might have the right kind of interest behind it to encourage another network to give it a shot.

Well, seeing as how the talks to get Girl Meets World on another network are still pretty new, we could have quite a while to wait before we find out if we'll ever get a Season 4 of the show. So, for now, you can take solace in the fact that there are two more episodes left to air, starting this Friday on the Disney Channel. Be sure to check out our midseason premiere schedule to see what else you can watch in the coming weeks.

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