Girl Meets World Cancelled, Season 4 Not Happening At Disney

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Well, after one of the more surprisingly tumultuous "will they?/won't they?" periods in recent TV renewal history, Girl Meets World and its fanbase finally got an answer from Disney Channel execs on the show's future. Unfortunately, the network chose to cancel the family comedy rather than renewing Girl Meets World for Season 4. Unleash the online hounds!

The news of the cancellation came from the Girl Meets World Writers Twitter page, which has been particularly active in keeping viewers in the know on how things were faring on their side of things. This was by far the biggest bummer of a post they've put up yet.

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Girl Meets World's cancellation isn't the biggest surprise, but it is rather shocking how long it took for this answer to go public. Fans had been worried for months now that Season 4's chances were slim, what with the giant reunion between the stars of the current show and its predecessor Boy Meets World set up for the season finale. Petitions and hashtags and the like were created in an effort to show Disney that interest is there.

But things seemed doomed when it was announced said season finale was titled "Girl Meets Goodbye," and it got even worse when recurring star Rider Strong, better known as Shawn Hunter, announced on his podcast that the show was done. That claim was disputed by the writers at the time, saying Disney hadn't decided yet, but now that the cancellation is apparently official, it appears all that worry wasn't for naught.

From Disney's side, Girl Meets World hasn't kept very steady ratings, which have dropped from season to season. On the audience's flip side, there are few shows on TV that have schedules quite as erratic and spotty as Girl Meets World, which has aired 18 episodes in the past 30 or so weeks, and rarely did one follow the next in a normal weekly pattern. Granted, the network also replays things a lot, so it's easy to catch reruns, but still.

There are still more episodes left to air from Girl Meets World Season 3, though, so let that be a silver lining to lighten this cancellation news. The final three episodes, which will include Riley celebrating her sixteenth birthday, actually will follow a weekly schedule, and they'll kick off on Friday, January 6. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what non-cancelled shows will be hitting the small screen in the near future.

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