How The Girl Meets World Creator Feels About The Show Getting Cancelled

Girl Meets World

Fans of Girl Meets World were taken aback earlier this month when they officially learned that the Boy Meets World spin-off had received the ax. Calling it quits on the modern day version of the Matthews family after three seasons, the Disney Channel series' conclusion really represents the end of an era. And according to series creator Michael Jacobs, Girl Meets World definitely ended before telling all of the stories that it had to tell. Jacobs explained:

Hopefully there's another venue out there that realizes there's an audience that loves this. There are many stories to tell. Maybe there's an incarnation where we can do this and get both the old audience and the new audience. The last thing we'd want to do is overstay our welcome, but I think we died prematurely here.

Michael Jacobs' recent comments to TVLine really echo what many of us also feel about the Girl Meets World cancellation. The show was pretty much designed from the ground up, with at least four years of narrative in mind. Disney pulled the plug on the series too soon, meaning that the build up was for nothing. They did the best they could in order to end the series with a relatively satisfying third season finale, but Jacobs stands by his belief that Girl Meets World had at least another year of life in its run.

Of course, I would be remiss for not pointing out the fact that it is not outside the realm of possibility for Girl Meets World to find new life on another network. Michael Jacobs seems to have an earnest desire to try and give the series new life somewhere else on television, so the intended fourth season could still play out if all of the chips fall into the right places. Talks about doing that have already taken place, but nothing has been confirmed.

There's a strong case to be made that Girl Meets World deserved to stay on the air longer than it did. Rider Strong recently opened up on the canceled spin-off and explained that Boy Meets World resonated more with audiences than Girl Meets World because of its willingness to broach dark and serious topics. As Girl Meets World progressed and grew into its voice, it is entirely possible that we could've seen the show learn to embrace that idea even more. Now we may never know; let's just keep our fingers crossed that Michael Jacobs manages to find another outlet willing to put Girl Meets World back on the air in some form or another.

We will bring you any and all relevant details related to the cancellation of Girl Meets World (as well as its possible revival) as more information is made available to us. For now, make sure to check out our comprehensive midseason premiere guide and fill out your TV viewing calendars accordingly!

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