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It's been a long time since fans were able to watch new episodes of Game of Thrones. Usually, around this time of year, HBO will keep us invested with teases, posters and the like, but because Game of Thrones is airing later this year, there's been very little to look forward to. Plus, while some news has leaked from the set about what probably is coming, we still haven't heard too much on the casting front, which is why any casting news is fascinating news. This week, we learned Brendan Cowell will be joining the series.

Brendan Cowell is an Australian actor most famous in the U.S. for a role on The Borgias, in which he played recurring character Mattai. On Game of Thrones he's set to play a character named Harrag the Ironborn. If you are super familiar with all of the characters from George R.R. Martin's works---and if you are, good for you--you probably have still never heard of Harrag before. It will likely be a character wholly original to the TV show, which is always kind-of fun. Brendan Cowell is expected to appear in multiple episodes during Season 7, so his role is more than a cameo, too.

At the time that casting notices went our earlier this year, we learned that Game of Thrones would be casting a warrior character who was white, had a different sort of accent and would not be a Dothraki. It was described as an "excellent part." Per Watchers on The Wall, the gig will keep Cowell in the fold for at least three episodes in Season 7, as the character has been confirmed for episodes 3, 4 and then the finale.

Because Game of Thrones is heading into its seventh season, we do know that the characters who made it through Season 6 alive are going to be back. Although HBO has long since ceased to announce the casting of new characters, we do know a bit about what is coming up, and reports have indicated that Jim Broadbent, Conor McGregor and a few others have been signed on. We've also learned a few leaked plot spoilers thanks to people sneaking around sets. If you'd like to go more in depth with the spoilers, take a look at our what we know guide.

Game of Thrones currently has not nabbed a premiere date yet, although rumors have indicated we may see the show back in June. It's safe to say we will not be getting the series in March or April, per usual, but you can take a look at what is coming up with our midseason TV premiere schedule. Of course, we'll keep you posted as soon as HBO announces the official date.

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