A Star Trek Star Is Heading To The Blacklist


NBC's The Blacklist follows the exploits of professional criminal "Red" Reddington and FBI agent Elizabeth Keen as they hunt down the names on the Blacklist, a list of the worst of the worst the criminal underworld has to offer. Obviously, this allows for the show to have plenty of guest starring roles for a villain-of-the-week story and now the crime thriller has recruited a Star Trek alum to play a real messed up killer. Brent Spiner, otherwise known for his role as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be the next name checked off the Blacklist.

According to the good folks over at IGN, Brent Spiner will be featured on an upcoming February episode of The Blacklist. The Star Trek: The Next Generation alum won't be one of the good guys this time around. Spiner will play a Blacklister known by the nickname, The Architect. The Architect is a master criminal who offers his services for the right price. Not just a common hitman, this "meticulous Blacklister will design and execute impossible crimes for the most dangerous clients in the world." He's no dummy, so expect a real game of cat and mouse between the Architect and Elizabeth.

The episode itself will involve resident computer whiz Aram (Amir Arison) going undercover as a hacker in order to identify Spiner's villain. Seeing Aram out in the field and away from the relative safety of his desk alone should make this an entertaining episode for fans.

Fans of Spiner are well aware of his role as Data, the anatomically fully functioning android on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data was essentially a robot that could feel human emotions and served as the second officer and chief operations officer on the Enterprise. Data attempted to increase his humanity and emotional experience throughout the series, but he could probably feel more emotions than The Architect. Spiner is also known for his role as Doctor Okun from Independence Day. He recently reprised the role in the doomed-before-it-began sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence.


Brent Spiner's episode of The Blacklist will air sometime in February. The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. Keep checking in to CinemaBlend for all your Blacklist and TV updates, where we'll keep you updated with new information as it becomes available. To learn more about all your favorite shows and their various schedules, make sure to hop on over to our midseason premiere guide!

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