Remember Grey's Anatomy's T.R. Knight? He Just Got A Fun New TV Role

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TV buffs with an affinity for Grey's Anatomy are probably well versed in the show's history of drama, both on and behind the camera. The behind-the-scenes drama on Grey's can sometimes overshadow the show itself and one of the biggest shakeup's came with the departure of T.R. Knight. Knight asked to be let out of his contract and now, eight years later, after a string of guest spots and roles, Knight will be joining a new series, and it's a step away from the melodrama of Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, T.R. Knight is heading over to National Geographic. The former Grey's Anatomy star is joining Genius: Einstein, the network's first scripted series. Knight joins the anthology show in the recurring role of J. Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the FBI. Knight will play Hoover at different ages over multiple decades, following Hoover's relationship to Albert Einstein. It's unclear exactly how big of a role this is or how many episodes Knight will be in, but it sounds like a fairly important antagonistic role. Under Hoover's direction, the FBI amassed on enormous file on Einstein in order to prove that he was a secret communist. Hoover formed a vendetta against Einstein and sought to ruin him following an incident wherein Hoover felt the scientist had humiliated the U.S. government.

The 10-episode season follows the early life of famous scientist Albert Einstein and how he went from a rebellious patent clerk who couldn't land a teaching job, to the man who would unlock the secrets of the atom. Based on the critically acclaimed book Einstein: His Life and Universe, each episode will explore Einstein's achievements and often times volatile relationships -- of which Knight's Hoover is assumed to be one. Genius is executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, the latter of which will make his TV directing debut with the show.

This will be one of Knight's bigger roles since he asked to be dropped from his Grey's Anatomy contract some eight years ago. Knight played George, a doctor from some of the earliest seasons of the medical drama. Though the actor was the subject of a number of disputes that involved fellow cast member Isaiah Washington (who used a homosexual slur to identify Knight), it was reported that Knight left the show due to being uncertain about his character's future.

Since his departure, Knight has held a few guest starring roles. His biggest post-Grey's role was as a Season 4 guest star on The Good Wife as Jordan Karahalios. He also had small roles in films like 42 and A Year and Change. In addition to Genius: Einstein, Knight also has upcoming roles in the ABC gay-rights miniseries When We Rise before heading back to Shondaland for the second season of The Catch.

Genius: Einstein will premiere on April 25, 2017, on Nat Geo. For more returning and new shows coming up, make sure to check out our midseason TV premiere guide.

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