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Matt Damon has tried all kinds of tactics in order to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! over the years. The a-list actor has had a notorious feud with Jimmy Kimmel for years, and Kimmel refuses to let Matt Damon actually get interviewed on the show. Intriguingly, Matt Damon still manages to pop up on ABC's late night series on occasion, and last night was one of those big occasions. You may not recognize Matt Damon at first in the video below, however, as he's totally impersonating Tom Brady. Give it a watch.

Seeing as Tom Brady is like a hulking 6' 4" and Matt Damon is only around 5' 10," it may be pretty easy to spot that the "Tom Brady" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! is not actually the Tom Brady who just won a ring at Super Bowl LI. Jimmy Kimmel talks a good game before Matt Damon Brady walks out onstage, mentioning that Tom Brady flew in all the way from Houston to make the late night show after the show convinced him to come on the night before. During the bit, Jimmy Kimmel asks Matt Damon a few football related questions before getting to the clincher. Why exactly is he still in uniform anyway?

According to Matt Damon Brady, it's because he hasn't "had time to change." I call a bluff, as there were all those stories running around the Internet about how Tom Brady thought his jersey was stolen after the big game. (Spoiler alert: it wasn't.) Jimmy Kimmel eventually "catches on" and forces Matt Damon to take his Tom Brady Helmet off, revealing his onscreen nemesis.

The Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon feud has been even more apparent over the last couple of years, as Kimmel left Damon waiting in dressing rooms and Matt Damon even snuck on the show in Ben Affleck's coat at one point. We might have reached the point of full saturation with the Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon feud, but it's still adorable to watch.

After he snuck on to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Rich Eisen actually did an interview separately with Matt Damon where Damon explains how pumped he was to actually get interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel--even while doing an impersonation. It's classic late night TV.

I'm not sure what Matt Damon or Jimmy Kimmel will be able to concoct that tops this ridiculous bit, but I am extremely keen to see the series, which airs weeknights on ABC, try. Until then, "apologies to Matt Damon, Kimmel just ran out of time."