New Iron Fist Trailer Reveals His Backstory And More

finn jones in iron fist

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is most widely known for its critically acclaimed and super lucrative film installments, there are also quite a few TV shows available- the best of which are produced over on Netflix. The streaming service has already released three Marvel properties, with the final members of The Defenders arriving next month with Iron Fist. Starring Game of Thrones alumni Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, the series will follow Danny Rand as he returns to New York and eventually becomes the superhero vigilante known as Iron Fist. A new trailer was just released, which delves into the title character's backstory, and outlines the arching narrative of the new series. Check it out.

Pretty awesome, right? While Iron Fist's comic-con teaser was exciting, this full blown trailer amps up the excitement for the series up to a ten. Let's discuss exactly what Netflix has shown us with this new footage.

To start, Danny Rand's backstory was far more explained than in the previous teaser. Rather than vague (but awesome) shots of characters, we saw footage from real scenes, featuring exposition and dialogue. Rand's story is much like DC's Bruce Wayne; he is a vastly rich child who was the victim of a tragedy which took both of his parents in the process. But while Bruce lost his parents within Gotham City, Danny's tragedy was a plane crash which left him stranded in a new land. While presumed dead by the West, Rand trained his entire life in martial arts and has obviously become a total badass in the process.

Set in modern day New York, Iron Fist will see Danny Rand return home and attempt to reclaim his family company, Rand Enterprises. But corruption has infected the business, and now a mixture of board room battling and physical crime fighting are needed to stomp out the illegitimacy surrounding it. This will put him in direct battle with the mysterious Daredevil character Madame Gao. Gao appears to once again be running her heroin business within Hell's Kitchen, and smart money would say that she might have ties to Rand Enterprises. How much she is aware of Danny's role as the Iron Fist is unknown, but she's been shown to be a cutthroat political player and mob boss.

The above trailer also gave us a glimpse into Rosario Dawson's role as Claire Temple. Claire is the glue connecting each Marvel/Netflix series, and she'll once again get involved with superpowered folks in order to fight for The City. She'll presumably enter the picture after taking self-defense lessons with Rand's ally Colleen Wing. But because it's Claire, she can't help but get herself into another dangerous situation to save lives.

Iron Fist will be released in its entirety March 17 on Netflix. From there, Finn Jones will reprise his role and join the other Netflix heroes in the Defenders miniseries.

Corey Chichizola
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