How Much Claire Temple We Can Expect To See In Luke Cage, According To Mike Colter

There have been an awful lot of big developments for Marvel on the big and small screen recently, and now some of the most exciting news is coming from the even smaller screen. The Netflix branch has brought some of the best entertainment that has ever come out of Marvel, first with Daredevil and then with Jessica Jones. We may be in between ventures starring Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones, but new details have emerged about the character who appeared in both shows and who will be present in the next installment, Luke Cage. As Mike Colter noted in a recent interview, Netflix is planning to have Claire Temple be around plenty.

She’s going to serve a very significant part of the Luke Cage story. Not overwhelmingly so, but you will definitely be satisfied with the amount of screen time you see… I can’t speak to episode count, but you’re definitely going to see her. She’s definitely going to be someone that’s going to have a large storyline and help out a lot.

Mike Colter's comments to IGN promise great things for his new show. Claire Temple, as played by Rosario Dawson, first appeared as a major character in Marvel’s flagship Netflix series Daredevil as a nurse who happened to be in the right place at the right time – or wrong place at the wrong time, really – to nurse Matt Murdock back to some degree of health. She continued to do so every time that he landed himself in medical trouble. Since Matt landed himself in medical trouble fairly frequently, this meant we were lucky enough to get a lot of Claire Temple.

Claire also made an appearance in the final episode of the first season of Jessica Jones. Although it was a bit of a shame that she wasn’t around longer, she had a big role in saving the life of Luke Cage. The man with unbreakable skin was something of a tough man to treat in terms of injuries, but Claire managed to both save him and secure a place for herself in Luke Cage.

We already knew that Claire would be used as the bridge character in the Marvel universe on Netflix to connect all of the individual shows, and the fact that Sonia Braga has been cast as Claire’s mom was a big clue that Claire would have more than just a cameo role on Luke Cage, but it’s exciting to hear from Mike Colter himself that Rosario Dawson will have an important role to play. Claire, who has been a sort of superhero whisperer for vigilantes in their origin stories, has been a highlight of the universe on Netflix.

It should be interesting to see how Luke Cage will incorporate Claire into the main storyline. According to what we know about Marvel’s third streaming series, there’s going to be plenty for Luke to deal with without taking Claire into account. Hopefully, Luke Cage will be written and handled as well as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

There’s no word just yet of when exactly Luke Cage will be released, but it’s expected to be ready for streaming by the end of 2016. In the meantime, we can get our fix of Claire Temple via Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Laura Hurley
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