Marvel's Iron Fist Trailer Just Dropped, And It's Action-Packed

Hot on the heels of the arrival of Luke Cage, Netflix has given us a good look at the fourth series to join their lineup of original Marvel series, Marvel's Iron Fist. Here's the teaser trailer that made its grand debut at New York Comic-Con this week. Brace yourselves for action!

Earlier today at NYCC, Marvel and Netflix unveiled the first big Iron Fist trailer at New York City to provide a better gauge at what this series will look like, as that San Diego Comic-Con teaser wasn't enough to whet our appetites. After reuniting with Danny Rand, we meet some of the show's other prominent players: Joy Meachum, Ward Meachum, Colleen Wing and what could be a shot of Harold Meachum from behind. There's even a surprise appearance from Madame Gao, a Daredevil villain whose connection to the Iron Fist mythos was teased by the symbol imprinted on her drug packets.

The character appearance were most welcome, but it's the action in this Iron Fist trailer that shines above everything else. There are two prominent elements from the Iron Fist comics: martial arts and mystical energy. Both are on display here, as Danny Rand not only puts his fighting skills to the test against numerous adversaries, but his fist also glows with trademark classic yellow energy, boosting his strength to enormous levels. These scenes are also cut with snippets of Danny as a child when he was discovered on that snowy mountain after his parents died and he was taken to K'un-Lun to learn kung fu and learn buddhist philosophy. We'd also be remiss if we didn't point out that Colleen Wing also gets some amazing action moments, proving that the eponymous protagonist won't be the show's only benevolent badass!

Although Daredevil has tiptoed around supernatural elements over its first two seasons, Iron Fist will fully open the door to mysticism in the MCU's Netflix world, following in the footsteps of Doctor Strange and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4. When the show kicks off, Danny Rand will have returned to New York to reclaim his family's company after being missing for 15 years. However, when a threat arises, he'll have to decide whether to continue pursuing his family's legacy or fully embrace being the Iron Fist, a "living weapon."

While Harold Meachum (and possibly his children) have villainy covered from the corporate side, there's no word yet on who Iron Fist's superpowered main antagonist will be. Nevertheless, this trailer showed that this will be one of Marvel's most action-packed TV shows yet, if not ranking at the top of the list. One moment that especially caught our eye was seeing an out-of-costume Danny battling axe-wielding attackers. Could this end up being Iron Fist's equivalent Daredevil's infamous hallways sequences?

Iron Fist will debut on Netflix on March 17 2017 at 12:01am PT in all territories where Netflix is available. in the meantime, get the list of Marvel's upcoming TV shows here.

Adam Holmes
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