Why Finn Jones Is Perfect For Iron Fist, According To One EP

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Now that Luke Cage has been released in its entirety on Netflix, it's time to look forward to the future of the MCU's television world. The next series up on the streaming service is Iron Fist, who will welcome the fourth and final hero that will make up the Defenders miniseries. Starring as Danny Rand/Iron Fist is none other than Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones, who played Loras Tyrell for the past six season of the HBO fantasy drama. Because audiences know Loras as being a rather passive, privileged, and young character, many comic book fans had doubts about how Jones would be able to pull of the Living Weapon. But it now appears he was the perfect actor for the job.

Scott Buck, who is one of the executive producers attached to Iron Fist recently spoke to Comic Book Resources about what to expect from the next Marvel/Netflix series. Regarding Finn Jones' casting he said the following:

You know, we saw him and I think we all just knew immediately this is our guy. He's a slightly younger character than the other Marvel heroes, and there's a youthful optimism to him that Finn himself seems to generate, but --- underneath that all --- there's some serious badass attitude that can come out. He just seemed to be able to display all that when needed and sometimes all at once, so he was very capable and flexible as he brought the character to life.

It seems like the very reason many doubted Finn Jones' ability to portray Iron Fist is actually his greatest strength. His sense of naivety and youth will bring a breath of fresh air to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially considering how gritty and hardened the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are. Danny Rand is still full of possibility, and this sense of youth will presumably serve a similar comedic function to The Flash in DC's upcoming Justice League.

Netflix has promised that Iron Fist will actually be lighter in tone than its Marvel predecessors. The character of Danny Rand is apparently full of hope and youthful wonder, and he will presumably have a much better relationship to his superpowers than someone like Luke Cage. While Luke's powers were a result of a cruel medical experiment, Iron Fist traditionally seeks out his powers purposefully. Additionally, Danny Rand comes from an extremely privileged upbringing, which is yet another reason why he's different from the rest of The Defenders.

It should be interesting to see how Iron Fist's optimism vibes with the rest of the Netflix heroes. Jessica Jones, in particular, is extremely cynical and closed off from new relationships. Will he drive her to drink (more)? Or could his influence help the likes of Jessica, Matt, and Luke Cage realize how special they are?

Iron Fist will be released in its entirety on March 17th, 2017.

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