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Tonight was a great one for TV fans, as AMC's massively popular The Walking Dead returned for its midseason premiere. But that wasn't the only premiere, as HBO's hit comedy Girls aired the first episode on its sixth and final season. In typical Girls fashion, the episode was full of cringe worthy moments and awkward sexual encounters, but Lena Dunham and company really stepped up their game by making series lead Hannah Horvath go to essentially the least Hannah-ish place on the planet: surf camp.

Tonight's season premiere jumped ahead a bit in time, updating us on the personal and professional lives of the four titular girls. Hannah wrote a widely popular story about Jessa and Adam's betrayal, and is doing some freelance work. Her newest assignment: go to surf camp, be as miserable as possible, and write about it.

lena dunham and riz ahmed in girls

This brought some of the most hilarious moments of the premiere, as Hannah is essentially unable to perform any type of physical activity. After attempting to wear a bikini and then stealing someone's wetsuit (wearing nothing underneath), Hannah finally makes it to the beach. But this goes about as poorly as one would think, and she's unable to even stand up while on the sand. It's about as awkward and hilarious as fans would expect

Hannah's surf camp experience is made even more enjoyable by the presence of Rogue One actor Riz Ahemd. Ahmed plays Hannah's instructor, who is outstandingly patient throughout her wetsuit debocles. After Hannah ditches camp, they reunite at a local bar and establish a much less sports oriented relationship. And while he didn't actually teach Ms. Horvath how to surf, he seems to have an impact on the protagonist nevertheless. The two have a brief romance, and he gets Hannah to actually relax and enjoy some time outdoors. Additionally, his open relationship stopped Hannah from putting too much stock into their new connection.

Aside from being sweet, Riz Ahmed and Lena Dunham engage in one of the most ridiculous montages in the show's long tenure. When Hannah is relaxing and enjoying her time with her instructor, they also had a strange make out scene on the beach. It started off sexy, and ended with the two of them straight up licking each other while occasionally getting knocked over by waves.

But Girls' premiere wasn't just about Ms. Horvath. Jess and Adam are still in a relationship, and are just as bizarre as you'd assume. Elijah is still Hannah's roommate, and planned a sensible orgy to occur while she was at surf camp. The girls are back, and this final season looks like a doozy.

In fact, a new trailer was recently released which features some of the crazy things that are going to come out of the characters' mouths. Check it out.

Girls airs Sundays on HBO.