Sheldon And Amy Are Hitting Another Milestone On The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy The Big Bang Theory Season 10

On a list of television's weirdest couples, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler are definitely up there. While The Big Bang Theory couple has made great strides in their relationship in recent seasons, there are still some roads to cross before the two can become a somewhat more normal. On that note, it looks like the two will be approaching another milestone--and not a good one--in this coming episode. On Thursday, Sheldon and Amy will have their first big fight since moving in together. Check out what else is coming in this week's episode description:

Sheldon and Amy have their first fight since moving in together, and Koothrappali is shocked at the realities of financial independence when he stops receiving support from his father, on The Big Bang Theory.

The fight comes during a huge season for both Sheldon and Amy. The action really began earlier in Season 10 when Amy moved in with Sheldon (in Penny's apartment) as an "experiment" while her apartment was under repair. Down the line, we learned that Amy's apartment had been fixed for quite a while and that she had been lying to Sheldon in order to continue living with him. Now, the two will fight after Sheldon reveals some intimate details about his and Amy's relationship to people at the university. Let's hope this fight isn't as bad as those they've had in the past.

For instance, let's not forget that Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory was heavily centered around the couple's breakup in the first half of the season. Sheldon went through a whirlwind of emotions coping with the loss of Amy, and Amy reacted similarly. The two did get back together 10 episodes after breaking up and then GOT IT ON in what was a landmark achievement for Sheldon's character. Now that I think about it, these past two seasons have been more dynamic in character development for the two than the rest of the series has been!

Why is it so interesting to watch this relationship? For me, it reminds me of being a young kid and having your first "real love." Watching Sheldon bumble through the experience selfishly and learning the compromise that develops in a normal and lasting relationship reawakens many painful memories of young love. While I wasn't a full-grown man experiencing all these things, I can empathize with Sheldon's frustration as a clueless guy being guided and sometimes stumbling into the right decision accidentally.

While both Amy and Sheldon have had dramatic issues on The Big Bang Theory, I like to think their relationship has evolved enough that they can overcome this. I'm also heavily leaning on the fact that this episode is titled to be more about Raj losing his parent's money, and can't imagine this is the end of Sheldon and Amy. Of course, we all want to see Sheldon finally propose to Amy like he intended to the season before, but will this be the season? Let's hope so, and if not, we can drown our sorrows in new shows that won't disappoint us on the midseason premiere guide. The Big Bang Theory is new this Thursday at 8 pm EST On CBS.

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