How Big Bang Theory Just Made Penny and Leonard's Relationship More Like Sheldon and Amy's

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Thursday's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Romance Recalibration." Feel free to hop to one of our other articles if you haven't caught up yet.

Penny and Leonard may have the major romance on The Big Bang Theory, but it's Amy and Sheldon's relationship that's kept fans guessing with it's super slow pace. Now, the show has managed to make Penny and Leonard's love life a lot more like Amy and Sheldon's in a surprising way. Penny and Leonard have actually agreed to let Sheldon craft a relationship agreement for them. Yes, you read that right. Let me explain.

The episode starts with what appears to be a lovely evening between Leonard and Penny. She comes home from work after a bad day, and he has the apartment decked out with flowers and candles, and has gotten pink wine for her and made her favorite snack, pizza bagels. After the couple shares a kiss, Leonard burps loudly, and it's revealed that this is just a daydream of Penny's. Leonard is actually sitting on the couch in his underwear, covered in food stains and playing a video game. And, Penny is clearly not happy about how he's decided to spend his day.

At the next girl's night with Amy and Bernadette at her old apartment, Penny mentions to the ladies that it seems like Leonard stopped trying with her when they got married. He's stopped bringing her flowers and, apparently, wearing pants around the house is something that's not a common occurrence anymore. When she gets back to her place, Leonard and Sheldon are there and she finally spits out that she feels Leonard is taking her for granted. Well, that pisses Leonard off and he mentions that he's the one who's made all the effort with their relationship from the beginning.

So, now both of them are angry and they stay that way until Leonard decides to go see Penny at the spa weekend she took Amy on. As soon as he tries to apologize, though, they start arguing again, and this is when Sheldon pipes in and offers to do one of his favorite things in the world: draw up a relationship agreement for the fighting couple. Before they can answer, though, Amy pulls him away so Penny and Leonard can talk alone. But, when they're done and find the happy twosome in the hotel lobby, they tell Sheldon that they think they need him to go ahead and write up that agreement. He responds with a bubbly, "I get to write a contract? I say let's get this party of the first part started."

Sheldon is known for his, oftentimes crazy restrictive, agreements. He made Leonard sign a roommate agreement when they first moved in together, and also made him sign a friendship agreement at some point. Sheldon also created a relationship agreement for himself and Amy when they became an official couple, so the man knows how to put one of these contracts together. With the stipulation that he has to tailor it to Penny and Leonard's needs, Sheldon happily draws up the papers. Now, among many other things, Leonard has agreed to keep his half naked gaming time to when Penny's not at home, and Penny has agreed not to say that nothing is wrong when something is obviously wrong.

Hmm...this whole relationship agreement thing doesn't sound so goofy now. We can all see if it helps Penny and Leonard's ongoing romance when The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays on CBS (opens in new tab).

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