Parks and Rec’s Retta Just Got A New Show, And The World Is Glorious Again

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Actress and stand-up comedian Retta is appearing on television yet again! I'm so happy I could channel my inner Donna Meagle from Parks And Rec and live-tweet the whole thing, but I'm actually writing right now so that would be counter-productive. Retta, as well as a couple of other notable names, have been tapped for an upcoming pilot for NBC called Good Girls. The premise of the pilot, while described as a drama, sounds absolutely bonkers and right up her alley.

Good Girls follows three suburban mothers who all have some issues going on in their lives. Beth, played by Kathleen Rose Perkins, finds herself worn out after discovering her husband (Matthew Lillard) has had an affair. Angry and clearly not thinking straight, Beth enlists the help of her friend Ruby (Retta) and younger sister Annie (Mae Whitman) to rob a supermarket. Seems like an awfully extreme way to react to an affair, but Retta's character Ruby seems as if she will have different motivations driving her.

Ruby is a waitress struggling to make ends meet while simultaneously caring for her sick daughter. Ruby fears that her daughter, who has kidney disease, isn't getting the care she needs at a local clinic. That sounds like a much better reason to rob a store than an affair, in my opinion. If you need money after your husband cheats just contact a lawyer and, as Blu Cantrell would say, "hit em up style!"

While the pilot is listed as a drama, you'd have to wonder if there is a comedic element to all this. While Retta has done straight drama before in films like Fracture, many of us are far more familiar with the comedic aspect of her acting. Retta currently is a part of the dramedy series Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce on Bravo, so the casting might indicate the series could be similar in tone to that. While Deadline lists the series as a drama, I can't imagine a show featuring three moms robbing a store is going to bring us some This Is Us level of feels. Then again, sick children can be a bit of a bummer, so I really don't know what to expect from Good Girls.

What I do expect is greatness from Retta. The actress made me laugh for seven seasons of Parks and Rec, as well as in other shows, so I'm excited to see her jumping back into NBC's primetime lineup. Nothing else is known about Good Girls at this time other than a pilot is on the way, but you can count on us to keep you updated when things change. Until then, may I suggest heading over to our midseason premiere guide and seeing what other women will be making a splash on television next week?

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