Would Chris Pratt Be Down For More Parks And Recreation? Here's What The Actor Says

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Chris Pratt is now known for his rock hard abs and his roles in dramatic productions, but it wasn't so long ago that he was signed on with NBC's Parks and Recreation playing Andy Dwyer, the goofy and lovable assistant to Pawnee's Leslie Knope (not to mention rocker and occasional shoe shiner). The show ended its run in 2015, but in the current TV climate, there's always room for a reboot or a revival. While appearing on the Sway in the Morning Radio Show, Chris Pratt revealed his feelings on a potential Parks and Rec return, and his comments are actually pretty hopeful.

We did do seven seasons, you know, somewhere along the lines of 150 episodes, so eventually you start running out of stories to tell, but because of the nature of that show kind of mimicking time, I definitely wouldn't rule out seeing it again, seeing us get back together for something, for a movie, or for another season down the line, a possible spinoff, or whatever.

Honestly, I don't ever see Parks and Rec going back and making an entire full season of the series, mainly because creator Michael Schur and a ton of the main cast on the comedy have moved on to bigger projects and we've seen with Arrested Development how much of a nightmare it can be to try and get an ensemble cast to coordinate again. However, NBC is the king of specials. Through the years, we've gotten SNL specials, tribute specials for directors like James Burrows, live musicals and plenty of other outside-the-box event programming. If Parks and Rec were to make a return to television, I could see a fun special or movie being the ideal situation. At least now we know that one of the harder gets---Chris Pratt---would be down to reprise his role.

During the interview, Pratt also touched on the fact that there are other role reprisals that he would pass on, noting that Parks and Recreation is not one of them. In fact, he only seems to have fond memories about his time on the series, noting:

I love the character of Andy Dwyer so much. I put so much of my heart and my soul into that character. My comedic clown, my comedic schtick that I've been working on since I could walk, is that character. He's the personification of everything about me that is comedic. Getting an opportunity to work on that show for 150 episodes was a dream come true.

Clearly it's less of a matter of whether or not the actors enjoyed their time on the series and more of a matter of whether or not it would make sense to bring them back for another round. We'll let you know if more Parks and Rec does move forward, although I can bet there are plenty of fans of the comedy out there who would enjoy seeing Chris Pratt step back into the Andy Dwyer personality once more.

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