Spoilers below for everything up to and including The Walking Dead's Season 7 mid-year premiere.

After all of the limited-scope episodes that The Walking Dead delivered to viewers in the first half of Season 7, we were more than ready for that midseason premiere, which brought dozens of characters back to the forefront. It was the sensible thing to do story-wise, as Rick's Alexandria crew aims to bring the pain to Negan and his Saviors, so a lot more bodies will need to join the cause. And there are a lot of characters that need to get in the action more during this whole messy ordeal.

As such, here are the 7 characters that The Walking Dead should keep around more, and in every episode. Both to continue expanding their stories and to give audiences a lot more of their signature moments. (When applicable, anyway.) Let's start things off with the best hair in the Hilltop.


Occasionally, new Walking Dead characters take time to make an impact on audiences, especially when there's a lot of anticipation coming from the comic book fans. Not the case with Jesus, who was immediately the coolest thing about the post-apocalypse when he arrived. Thankfully, Tom Payne has kept up the winning performances, keeping Jesus (or Paul, if you will) perfectly in tune with his source material counterpart's intelligence, groundedness and ability to whoop some ass. But even though he's basically always around, Jesus somehow isn't all up in everyone's business like he should be. I really hope this march to war fixes that up.

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