Spoilers below for The Walking Dead's midseason premiere. Don't read on until you've watched!

If you ask any person to name a handful of the darkest shows on TV, there's a good chance The Walking Dead would come up, as post-apocalyptic death isn't generally subject fodder for the small screen's more lighthearted fare. And the first half of Season 7 was perhaps the most distressing and joy-free batch of episodes for Rick's group yet, thanks to all things Negan. But for tonight's midseason premiere, the AMC drama signaled a (presumably temporary) changing of the tonal guard.

With "Rock in the Road," The Walking Dead delivered a surprisingly fun and hilarious - or at least wildly amusing - first step on Team Family's path to declaring war on Negan and his Saviors. Here were the 7 moments from the midyear premiere that definitely had us hooting and cheering at the screen.

Gregory Saying "Rhetorical"

To this point, Gregory has been a self-obsessed tool as Hilltop's head honcho, and that one-note personality didn't change here, but actor Xander Berkeley let loose with a perfectly over-the-top performance that will make it more fun to hate him as the show goes forward. His "cowardice posing as strategic bravado" is to the point of parody throughout the early scene when Rick & Co. try to earn Hilltop's inclusion in anti-Negan propaganda - "They grow things." - and Berkeley's delivery reaches a fever pitch when he bellows "Rhetorical!" as if he were channeling his inner teenage daughter from 1997. How many times did I end up watching that line? RheTOR-ca-a-a-al.

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