Will Bones Have A Happy Ending? Here’s What One Showrunner Says

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After 12 seasons, Bones will come to a close in March. It's been a whirlwind ride for Brennan and Booth, and fans are anxious to see how it ends. For those who don't wish to wait another month for that answer, co-showrunner Michael Peterson has an answer for you. While he doesn't explicitly say where it all ends up, we do get a sense of where Bones is heading in its final episodes:

After watching 67 episodes, my wife asked if Hart [Hanson] was a hippie, because everything worked out. [When] Wendell slept with Angela, Hodgins got along with Wendell by the end of the episode. Things work out. Hart's very much a 'people ride off into the sunset' kind of guy, he's an optimist, and we wanted to infuse that into the finale. We wanted to have them go through hell, but at the end, we want them to ride off.

As TV Line states, this sounds promising for those who don't want 12 years of dedication to Bones to end in sadness! The "going through hell" part also seems appropriate considering how this season has gone so far. With Booth's past catching up with him and recent spoilery casualties we won't get into quite yet, it may be comforting for some to know that fans will get a "ride off into the sunset" ending. Then again, the series has had its share of sad moments in the past, so we can't really rule anything out.

Just look at the most recent episode, for example. Spoiler alert, we see Brennan's dad Max die after saving her children from the vengeful son of a warlord. You might have some mixed feelings on Max, but he did save his grandchildren so we can at least be thankful for that much. While the death of the character may give you mixed feelings, you gotta wonder how Brennan will cope with the death of her father. Looking ahead to episode descriptions, we learn that the death of Max causes some trouble between the crime-fighting couple.

According to future episodes' official synopses, it looks like the death of Max will create a rift between Brennan and Booth. In addition to that, we are going to be seeing an old flame of Bones' (Tim Sullivan) appearing again. Whatever transpires in that episode doesn't last long, though, as the team finds itself going undercover at a demolition derby two episodes later, so I'm guessing all is well again? Assuming nothing groundbreaking happens in those episodes, it looks like we can expect a maximum three-episode arc going into the finale. Considering the final two episodes have similar titles "A Day in the Life" and "The End in the End," it's more likely it'll be a two-episode arc to close things out.

That's more than enough time to bring casual viewers up to speed for my Bones finale viewing party. Oh, by the way, if you're trying to have the best Bones finale party on the block, just know you can rent actual human skeletons from pretty much anyone who has one. Seriously, you'd be surprised how many people have human bones they're willing to let you borrow. You can also be a normal person, and just watch the finale with someone else who loves the show. After you've finished, you'll need a new show to fret over for the next decade, so be sure to hit up our midseason premiere guide for more stuff coming this season!

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