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Brennan's Ex Is Coming Back For Bones Season 12, And It Doesn't Sound Like Great News


The finish line is finally in sight for Bones, which will begin airing its final season in the beginning of the new year. After a dozen seasons, Fox's long-running procedural drama will finally have solved all the bone crimes it possibly can, and it will be spicing up Season 12 with some age-old television relationship drama. An old flame of Brennan's will be returning for the final season, and he'll be bringing some baggage and problems along with him.

Eddie McClintock is returning as Tim "Sully" Sullivan for Season 12. Sully is Brennan's ex, with the two having previously dated all the way back in Season 2. Now he's finally back and it's not just for a polite how-do-you-do. As reported by TVLine, executive producer Michael Peterson is teasing that Sully's arrival will spark a new storyline, as well as some shakeups in the relationship between Brennan and Booth, to drive fans crazy before the series closes its doors for good. Here's what Peterson said.

He comes back at a time in Brennan's life when she is emotionally unbalanced. She and Booth are going through a very difficult time, so it's a strange time for this love from the past to show up. And it's going to have some slight reverberations.

As fans of the show know, Booth and Brennan had a working relationship that eventually led to a real relationship over the course of the series. They have since gotten married and had two children, but apparently that won't be enough to rebuff Sully. From the sounds of it, Brennan will be in a vulnerable place and could be on the verge of making some poor reverberating decisions.

Sully was introduced in Season 2 for a four-episode arc. He was an FBI agent who stepped in as Brennan's partner while Booth was in therapy. After the death of his partner, Sully set out to live life to the fullest, acquiring a number of hobbies and making spur-of-the-moment decisions. He and Brennan dated for a short time, but things moved a little too fast for her when Sully asked her to sail to the Caribbean in a boat he named after her (you know, like people do). The character was barely mentioned or seen since then, but now he returns with monkey wrench in hand and looking for some bone.

We'll be able to see how all of this plays out for Booth and Brennan when Bones returns for its final 12-episode 12th season on January 3, 2017. To learn when more of your favorite shows are returning, then check out our 2017 TV midseason premiere schedule.

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