What The Bones Cast Will Miss Most About Bones

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Fox announced a while ago that Bones will be ending after Season 12. Fans will get a final round of 12 episodes to jump into when the show returns after midseason, and for many of the cast members on Bones, the end will be bittersweet. Most of the major cast members have been around for the show's entire run, and most have many memories and feelings related to their time on the set of the series that was once Fox's flagship drama. Here's what the cast is going to miss about Bones.

At a Comic-Con panel this week, the likes of David Boreanaz, T.J. Thyne and more all spoke out about what they will miss. Boreanaz specifically spoke out about how the environment on the set of Bones is what he'll miss most after more than a decade on the show. Here's what he had to say:

All of these people up here they affect you, they believe in you. It's such a great environment to be a part of. I'm so blessed to have met these people. We're gonna keep going and share those memories. I love you all.

It gets even more sentimental from here on out, so if you have a tissue handy, we won't judge you for grabbing one. T.J. Thyne, who has dealt with a lot of changes while playing Dr. Hodgins over the years, may actually have given the best answer, noting that it's the stuff the audience never gets to see that he holds closest to his heart.

The in-betweens. What you don't get to see: the behind-the-scenes conversations, the laughter, the support for each other.

Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam on the long-running drama, thinks she will miss all of the goofing around that the cast indulges in on set.

I think the laughter. 10 years of laughter is pretty damn healing. I'm going to miss these guys.

During the panel, Eugene Byrd, who plays former squint and Jeffersonian employee Clarke on Bones, also painted a picture of a cast that really has gelled over the years and has made the environment a great one for new members and longtime members alike.

I came in in Season 3 sort of as a replacement for Zack at the beginning. It's hard to just jump into a show but this is one of the most welcoming casts I've ever been a part of. You couldn't have asked for a greater two than Emily or David. They set the tone. It's hard to say goodbye, but all good things must come to an end.

I think most fans can agree that Bones reached its zenith in terms of audience interest a few years ago, but while the series is not bringing in the ratings it once did, it is still an important show. That's why it is so nice that Fox actually gave Bones a final round of 12 episodes to wrap the storyline up--maybe not in the way the show originally intended so many years ago, but in a way that will hopefully make sense and give fans some closure.

You can catch Bones when it returns to Fox's schedule at midseason (it unfortunately got bumped from the fall lineup), and check out what else the show has in store here.

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