One Of Bones' Best Guest Stars Is Returning For Season 12

Bones is gearing up for its twelfth and final season on Fox. The show may not premiere until after the holidays, but the network is already gearing up for the final set of episodes, and we recently learned about an awesome guest star who will be returning to the show before it wraps up. Betty White is set to appear in a Season 12 episode of Bones.

Betty White was kind-of late to the game in Bones. She first appeared in an episode during Season 11, where we were introduced to her character Dr. Beth Mayer, another forensic anthropologist with a ton of experience and expertise. She popped up last October, helping Brennan and the rest of the team at the Jeffersonian to solve a case about a competitive fantasy football league. During Season 12 she'll pop up in the 10th episode of the season, helping the team to tackle another case.

betty white bones

Deadline reported the casting, although the episode doesn't even have a name yet, much less a premiere date, so it's very difficult to tell exactly what Dr. Mayer will be doing back in the plot. I'm sure Dr. Brennan will not be super pleased about having to work with the world's most foremost expert on forensic anthropology again, although it is clear that Mayer should contribute to the case. (It should help that she and Brennan ended on a good note last time.) In fact, the first time she showed up we learned she was the person who basically innovated the computer platform that Angela has been using since she joined the Jeffersonian, so she's clearly a woman of value.

Bones earned a surprise renewal last spring after seeing its ratings falter during last season. The cast and network have both touted the fact that the long-running series is getting the chance to wrap up---a thing that Fox also brought up with American Idol. Because of this, we're anticipating Betty White won't be the only big guest star that Bones will bring back; in fact, during the Season 11 finale the show brought back Dr. Zack Addy in a plot that looks as if it should continue as the show pushes forward.

Fox kept its procedural off of the fall schedule in order to push Pitch, which hasn't done super well in the ratings for the network. Soon, Bones is expected to return for its final blowout, and we'll finally get new episodes starting on Tuesday, January 3, only on Fox; we'll let you know as soon as the network reveals an exact premiere time. You can find out more about the upcoming episodes by heading here. In addition, you can find out what shows have yet to premiere this fall with our upcoming TV schedule.

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