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Peta on Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars

Peta Murgatroyd is officially returning to Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars. The Australian native and 30-year-old dancer will hit the stage yet again for another exciting season of the series! Murgatroyd returns to the series for what will be the her 10th season on the series, and she's hoping to secure her 3rd win this coming season. Peta Murgatroyd will have some fierce competition, however, as a near and dear competitor has also announced their return as well! Peta Murgatroyd will be joined on Season 24 by her fiance and rival dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Last year Mak participated in Season 23 without Peta as she was pregnant with their newborn son, Shai Aleksander, and had indicated some months before he may not be returning for Season 24 to take some time off to be a parent. Now, it looks like that has changed and the couple is very excited to be returning to the Dancing With The Stars. The broke the news on Good Morning America, noting it will be "difficult" to take time away from their son as they get more into practice. While difficult, you can rest assured that both dancers will be giving it their all during Season 24.

Motherhood has not slowed Peta Murgatroyd down as just a month after giving birth the couple was already posting videos on Instagram of her and Maksim practicing their dance moves. I have trouble moving around after a heavy meal so I can't imagine the amount of passion you have to have getting back at it so soon after having a child! The average rest time (six weeks after giving birth) doesn't apply when you're an ass-kicking dance queen, I guess. Just look at the two go in this video taken just a little over a month after the birth!

This will be the fifth time both Peta and Maksim have appeared together on Dancing With The Stars. Both couples have defeated each other once, with Peta Murgatroyd taking down her lover in Season 14 and Maksim Chmerkovskiy exacting revenge in Season 18. This family affair gets even more complicated as Maksim's brother, Valentin (Val) Chmerkovskiy, dances on the series and also has a win over both his brother and future sister-in-law! We're guessing Valentin's most recent win in Season 23 is sure to ignite some family smack talk as Season 24 draws ever closer.

So far, the only official casting announcements have been Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but recently released promotional posters for Season 24 have revealed more. The poster shows Maksim's brother Val Chmerkovskiy and longtime veteran to the series Witney Carson, so we're assuming they are on board. The official casting announcement is set to take place March 1st on Good Morning America. Dancing With The Stars Season 24 premieres March 10th on ABC just days before American Crime is also set to return on the network. Find out what and when with our midseason premiere guide and get ready to set your DVR.

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