So often when new game shows make it to primetime these days - or even just reboots of classic game shows - networks almost always opt to give the hosting spots to celebrities. (Or they flip a coin with Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly's heads on respective sides.) Getting entertainers as hosts isn't new or anything, but there was a long golden age of game show hosts who were known solely for that particular occupation. And few networks were responsible for as many individually memorable game show hosts as Nickelodeon.

Since there's never a bad time to look back on the glory days of any form of pop culture, let's wallow in appreciation for the most classic game show hosts that Nickelodeon had to offer. (When you're done with this list, check out our picks for the Top 10 Kids Game Shows.) To be fair, we obviously couldn't put every single host on this list, because not everybody fits into the "Classic" mold. Let's start off with a host whose show actually aired during commercial breaks.

7. Dave Aizer

One thing that has always made Nickelodeon feel like a real friend to children is how it makes sponsor breaks as fun for viewers as the shows themselves. (To a certain extent, anyway.) And arguably the most memorable version of this was Slime Time Live!, the interstitial game show that let viewers phone in to play interactive games to try and get people pied, slimed, etc. And the dedicated host for all that messy outdoor fun (from 2000-2003) was Dave Alizer, who made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as part of the 762 people slimed in the series finale. Having to deal with screaming kids everyday had to be rough, but Aizer took it (and an assortment of other things) like a champ.

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