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flip or flop hgtv divorce

If you are an HGTV fan, or simply have paid attention to the divorce between Flip or Flop's Christina and Tarek El Moussa, you may already know that the couple is trying to work through their issues. And we don't mean couples therapy. We literally mean they still plan to produce their TV series and work together, despite getting divorced and seeing other people. Now, it looks like HGTV even has plans to more than double down on Flip or Flop content, bringing at least five spinoffs into the fold.

The spinoffs won't be sticking to Southern California, either. Reports this week indicate that Flip or Flop will be expanding into several large cities. Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and at least one area in Texas will be the subject of the first expansion of the franchise. New episodes set in each of those cities are expected to begin airing this year and will continue into 2018. In fact, HGTV has already hired on some of the personalities who will take over for Christina and Tarek El Moussa.

Flip or Flop: Las Vegas will be the first spinoff, and will star Bristol and Aubrey Marunde. That series already has a premiere date, and will be hitting the schedule in Aprile. Ken and Anita Corsini will run the Atlanta-based version of the show which will air after the Vegas version, and DeRon Jenkins and Page Turner will run Flip or Flop: Nashville. Flip or Flop: Nashville and Flip or Flop: Texas will be airing in 2018. The Chicago-based show has not started moving forward, yet.

There have been rumors flying around in recent months that Flip or Flop might be ending at the network, with indications that the El Moussa divorce could be a factor. US Weekly says that currently there are no plans for Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa to continue filming after the upcoming Season 7. The move to expand could be a result of losing the original couple, although HGTV has been quick to say that plans for spinoffs were in the works before the couple announced they were getting divorced. My question, then, is whether or not plans were in the works after the police were called to the El Moussa home and the couple started therapy last spring?

HGTV is likely to keep its lips sealed about this one, but the spinoffs should be an interesting experiment. Did viewers tune in to the original Flip or Flop because Tarek and Christina in particular made for good TV? Was it the SoCal setting that had people tuning in? Or, do people just like the idea of cute couples renovating homes for potential profit? If the latter is why people tune in to Flip or Flop, HGTV may have just stumbled onto a grand idea.

For now, the original Flip or Flop is still airing on HGTV. In addition, you can tune in for Flip or Flop: Las Vegas when it hits the schedule on April 6 at 9 p.m. ET. To check out other upcoming premiere dates, head here.