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New Girl has been a staple on Fox for years now and has weathered a slew of other comedy cancellations on the network. The show has seemed to do well on Tuesday nights during recent seasons, but the ratings have not been as high as the show has aged. Recently, series lead Jake Johnson, who plays Nick Miller on the long-running show, revealed that Season 6 may be the ultimate end for the decently long-running Fox series. In fact, he was pretty blunt with his prognosis. Here's what he had to say:

I think after this season it's done.

I mean, you can't get more open than that. It should be noted that Jake Johnson isn't the person ultimately making the call regarding whether or not New Girl gets cancelled. Even the production company doesn't get those honors. Instead, Fox will ultimately make the call related to whether or not New Girl will earn a seventh season. While the actor also noted that the show does add quite a bit of viewership with episodes on Hulu and later Netflix, that may not be enough for the show to come back next TV season.

New Girl Season 6 cancelled

However, Jake Johnson did clarify in his interview with The Daily Beast that Fox has not made the ultimate call, yet. The show does seem to see the end coming and figured out a way to end Season 6 that should work regardless of the outcome.

Fox won't tell us [whether the show will be renewed]. But we shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be OK.

As far as the ratings go, New Girl is currently doing over 2 million viewers an episode, and the numbers since the show has been back at midseason are actually up from what the comedy was doing in November and December. The show does add some viewers on the backend in Live+7 ratings as well as the aforementioned Hulu, and the viewership does skew in the coveted 18-49 demographic. However, at the end of the day Fox does need to make some money off of advertisements, and the current numbers may not be enough to justify Season 7 next year.

Currently on Tuesday nights, The Mick has already been renewed. Word is still out on shows like APB and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well. We may have to just wait and see how many good pitches Fox has for comedies next fall and how it does compared to the ratings of Fox's other new comedies. For now, take a look at our rundown of what has been cancelled and renewed.

While the major networks have made quite a few renewal announcements early, cancellations have not been quite as forthcoming. We'll let you know as soon as Fox makes an ultimate decision related to New Girl's future. In the meantime, New Girl will air on Tuesday nights through March 28. In addition, take a look with our midseason TV premiere schedule.