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The penultimate Season 6 episode of New Girl will reveal the show's biggest mystery yet! Sadly, it's not the official rules to "True American," but it's something equally if not more epic. This Tuesday Nick, Winston, and fans will learn Schmidt's true name. Cue all the fainting.

Schmidt has gone by his last name for all these years, as well as posing as Mitt Romney's son and holding various nicknames, but fans of New Girl have never heard his first name. TV Line reports this Tuesday's episode will find Schmidt struggling with whether or not he should use his real name, and the episode will feature flashbacks to "Fat Schmidt" in college. I think most everyone can say they're excited to see Fat Schmidt yet again, as Max Greenfield just looks hilarious in that suit! The episode will also feature Jess and her father trying to boost their love lives, as well as Nick turning to Aly for romantic advice about Reagan. Who cares about all that, though, when we're finally going to learn Schmidt's name?

So what are the predictions for this nom de Schmidt? I'm caught between his first name being something feminine sounding or a completely normal name that Schmidt doesn't feel is worthy of his character. I'm leaning more towards the latter at this point, because learning his name is super common like "Bob Schmidt" is something I could see his character being unreasonably embarrassed about. On the flip side, I feel the popular and stereotypical trope in these types of situations is for the name to be effeminate.

As far as clues, Jess handed Schmidt a card with the initials A.S. on it in the Season 6 episode "Rumspringa", so it's possible the name in question could start with an A. Alf would be a pretty embarrassing name, but considering Schmidt's birth date of 1982 -- Alf premiered 1986 -- it's not a likely candidate. I'm thinking back to the episode where Schmidt is dropping baby names and they're all incredibly strong and Hebrew in nature, so it probably won't be anything like that. I guess it wouldn't have been a mystery for 6 seasons if it were easy to figure out.

The mystery reveal is perhaps the writer's way of serving fans who have been with them all the way to Season 6. With actor Jake Johnson telling media that New Girl is likely done following the conclusion of this season, one can imagine the show is working towards offering a satisfying ending should a Season 7 not come. If that's how it goes, let's hope the ending of this week's episodes propels the story forward enough to see the conclusion of Jess figuring out her conflicting feelings for Nick. While I think all fans will be disappointed if this were the last season of the series, I think we will all be disappointed if it ends on a cliffhanger!

Catch New Girl on Fox on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET and keep your fingers crossed we hear about a renewal soon. Renewed or not, you'll want to head over to our summer premiere schedule to find a new show regardless.

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