The line between TV and film continues to blur with each passing year. Much of this has to do with the increasing sophistication of televised storytelling, but we mustn't forget the contribution of proper special effects in this equation as well. CGI used to be something almost exclusively reserved for the highest tech and advanced Hollywood blockbusters, but now even the most seemingly mundane TV dramas can use it to great effect.

That said, not every TV show manages to use CGI successfully. Even some seriously prestigious series have incorporated downright terrible special effects over the course of the last few years, and that's what we're here to focus on. We've compiled a list of awful CGI moments from some genuinely great TV series...and others. Check out our list, and let us know what you think of this laughably bad use of the filmmaking technology. We have plenty of examples to get to, so let's kick this list off with a superhero who has actually benefited greatly from advances in special effects in recent years.

The Flash's Speedster Fights

The Scarlet Speedster's series on The CW deserves a ton of credit for the fact that it makes The Flash seem like a real hero. Many of the CGI effects used on The Flash are great, but the slow-motion speedster fights are just downright awful. The show hasn't found a way to make Barry Allen NOT look like a man-shaped balloon while he tumbles against his enemies in slow motion, and it's one of the few areas where The Flash has consistently faltered in delivering strong special effects. How they made King Shark look better than the central hero, I will never know.

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