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When most of us think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, we probably think of Terminator or Predator or Conan the Barbarian. He's a big name movie star who has been a major part of some of the biggest action franchises in film history. That said, he recently took a break from the big screen to give reality TV a try as host of The New Celebrity Apprentice. The question now is if he would give scripted TV a try next, and Schwarzenegger has the answer:

As a matter fact, I've been offered lately a few of those. It could easily be that I would try something like that. But we haven't made a decision yet, and we want to keep time available for those other movies.

As it turns out, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been approached to work on scripted series rather than just reality hosting gigs, and he doesn't sound entirely opposed to the idea. He wouldn't go so far as to commit to someday joining the case of a TV show in his chat with ScreenCrush, but he also wouldn't rule it out.

Frankly, I wouldn't have blamed him if he said he was done with TV forever and stuck solely with movies for the rest of his career. His first and only season as host of The New Celebrity Apprentice didn't go well thanks to the feud that developed between former Celebrity Apprentice host (and current President of the United States) Donald Trump and himself. Trump took repeated shots at Schwarzenegger and his show for scoring lower ratings than Trump did when he hosted, and Schwarzenegger didn't shy away from firing back. The feud got more attention than the show did, and it doesn't seem to be coming back to NBC.

Still, it doesn't sound like his experience with The New Celebrity Apprentice soured him on the TV biz. Arnold Schwarzenegger has actually never starred in an ongoing scripted series before in his life, mostly limiting his gigs on TV to guest spots very early in his career, cameos, and appearances as himself. It could be fun to see how he tackles TV on a regular basis. If the right project comes along at the right time, he may be inclined to give it a try.

For the time being, however, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be content with movie projects. He recently said that he'd be on board for another installment in the Terminator franchise, and his much-derided turn as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin hasn't discouraged him from showing interest in superhero films. We'll have to wait and see where his career takes him. Whatever happens, I just hope that Donald Trump doesn't tweet about it. We don't need another feud.

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