Watch A News Anchor Learn About Her Husband's Death While Reporting It

Usually when we're talking about noteworthy local news telecasts, they involve goofy accidents or celebs crashing weather reports, or something largely lighthearted in nature. That's sadly not the case with the video below, which features one news anchor reporting on a deadly traffic accident where one of the victims turned out to be her husband.

For many who aren't familiar with the language being spoken, details were hard to come by, so here's how it all played out. On Saturday morning, the Indian news channel IBC24 was airing its usual telecast when breaking news came in about an accident in the town of Pithora, Chhattisgarh. An SUV and a truck crashed into each other, killing three people and injuring two more. It was while listening to the call-in from another reporting giving details about the incident that anchor Supreet Kaur started to suspect that her husband Harshad Kawade was involved, as she knew he was in the area in a vehicle like one being described.

As hard as it must have been to channel the strength to push forward through this report without pausing to get clarification and confirmation from someone off-camera, Supreet Kaur maintained stunning resolve and professionalism during the report. I couldn't possibly imagine continuing on in such an unwavering manner knowing that all eyes were on me, especially as the blurred-out images of the victims and the scene were airing alongside her.

Supreet Kaur was married to Harshad Kawade for 18 months, according to CNN, and it was after that newscast's completion that Kaur's emotional side took over when it was confirmed to indeed be her husband who was killed. IBC24's Editor-in-Chief Ravi Kant Mittal commended Kaur for her composure on the air, and the anchor has received an outpouring of sympathy and love from fans and others who were moved by her situation. In particular, Chhattisgarh's Chief Minister Raman Singh sent out a glowing commendation on social media.

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So often, we watch people reporting the local news on TV without considering how each of them might also factor into the stories they're talking about, and this is a powerful example that we're all vulnerable. We here at CinemaBlend send our thoughts and condolences to Supreet Kaur, as well as her and Harshad Kawade's family and friends, in their time of mourning.

Nick Venable
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