Did Meredith And Riggs Hook Up On Grey's Anatomy? Here's What Happened

Meredith and Riggs smiling at each other

Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy was a doozy. The long running medical drama is always at its best when the surgeons are in dangerous situations, and the most recent episode saw Meredith and Riggs forced to save some lives mid-flight. And while it was thrilling to see all the surgery drama play out, the two surgeons were also battling their personal struggles. Riggs has been actively pursuing Meredith since last season, with Maggie's feelings for the newcomer (and Meredith's conflicting feelings about moving on from Derek) standing in their way. But that might have changed.

Because Meredith and Nathan Riggs are officially doing the horizontal mambo again. More than once. On their tumultuous flight (before the crap hit the fan), Mer and Riggs decided to join the mile high club and have some fun in an airplane bathroom. And although that might have been exciting enough for fans who want to see Meredith get her groove back, there's more.

Because after an hour of will they/wont they, the two decided to share a hotel room together. And aside from the physical connection, Riggs and Meredith also connected more on an emotional level. She opened up about the infamous plane crash episode, as well as her relationship with Lexie (RIP). Riggs also opened up about his feelings for the protagonist, and it seems like the budding couple may finally start dating.

Of course, we all know that it's not going to be pretty when Maggie finds out. Because in addition to whatever heartbreak she'll feel about Riggs, it's Meredith's lies that will probably affect her sister the most. Maggie just lost her mother, and is likely feeling a bit isolated in Seattle. For her support system to be pulling such a long con has the potential to ruin the sibling dynamic the surgeons have developed.

While I'm excited for the Meredith/Riggs relationship to finally come out of the closet, I have to say that the call backs to past seasons made last night's episode even more enjoyable. Anyone who has been watching Grey's Anatomy for the past 13 seasons will know that Meredith has been through far too many near death experiences. There was the hospital shooter, the plane crash, the bomb episode, and she totally drowned and died a little.

So to have Meredith acknowledge that she's essentially surrounded by death felt good. Obviously we have to suspend our disbelief while watching Grey's, so when the show can mention how ridiculous Meredith's life is, it feels right. And adding clips from the harrowing plane crash episode "Flight" brought an emotional weight to Mer's scenes that otherwise might have be missing. Hearing about Mark and Lexie is one thing, but seeing them die again is another.

Grey's Anatomy has one more episode left of Season 13, which you can check out this Wednesday on ABC.

Corey Chichizola
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