Few things are as guaranteed as death and taxes are, but you can be damned sure that TV networks are going to cancel some pretty amazing shows, usually on a yearly basis. Some are new dramas that are ended before they have a chance to build an audience, while others are comedies seemingly destined for cult status. Whatever the reason is from the network, the viewer’s anger is all the same when a great show is taken off the air.

Here are 12 shows from ABC’s broadcast history that were downright great, but didn’t last nearly as long as they should have, and so the network should always be criticized for canceling them. Let’s get our logs whittled down to a nice and pointy spear as we dive into the surreal world of David Lynch.

twin peaks
Twin Peaks
Am I saying that the second half of Twin Peaks Season 2 was so damned amazing that there is no other rational choice for ABC to have made than renew it for Season 3? No, although I found the final batch of episodes far more enjoyably ridiculous than many others have. But it was ABC that forced the hands of co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost to reveal Laura Palmer’s killer, something that they’d intended to keep a mystery throughout the series’ run. And although the network wanted the resolution at the end of Season 1, Lynch and Frost held off until the middle of the next season, and viewers just stopped giving a shit after that. A good lesson for the network that didn’t stick. Thankfully, Showtime is behind the upcoming revival series, so we don’t have to worry about ABC giving us a lukewarm cup of coffee again.

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